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024 | The Bunker Project – Podcasting with a Condensor Mic

This week on the Bunker Project we talk about a cool way to "fix" your condensor microphone for podcasting from your home studio or office. A condensor mic sounds great but brings in background noise and ambient sounds that don't sound so great. Ken describes a way to build a condensor mic enclosure which blocks off sound from every direction except for the direction of your voice! Very cool. Plus a whole lot more...

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Bunker Project

017 | The Bunker Project – Candles are Cool!

This week on The Bunker Project, Bob brings in a HUGE list of cool things to talk about on the show. Andrew talks about the anticipation of waiting for his new Windows Phone 7. Bob, Andrew and the Bunker Crew talk about Geo-Location issues in social media. The conversation goes from there to many digressions... 8 digressions this time in fact (Bob is keeping track).

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