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The Four P's of Podcasting


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Podcast Album Cover Art Design

AI Content for Podcasters

Write Fact-Checked Content

Write localized content for your podcast
Write summaries of articles
Generate images for your podcast episode art
Generate smart social media content

Podcasting guides

How to Launch a Podcast from Scratch

Learn how to launch a podcast from picking your topic and format through to producing your first episodes.

Podcast Equipment Guide 2023

Learn what equipment you can use to produce a great quality podcast. Podcasters have more options then ever before. 

Podcasts about Podcasting

Did you know there are dozens and dozens of podcasts about podcasting?

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The Four P's of Podcasting

Podcast Planning

How to plan your podcast and launch a show that has potential to grow.

Choosing a Podcast Topic and Name for your show

It is important to be clear about your topic from the beginning. Refining your topic will help serve your target listeners better.

How to pick a topic

Picking a Podcast Format and length

There are a lot of ways to format your show. Will it be a solo / monolog show or a cohosted show? A Q& A show or a NPR style story telling show? 

How to choose a format

Who is your ideal listener? Define your Avatar.

If you know you who are speaking to when you are recording your podcast then your words are that much more powerful.

Define your Avatar

Podcast Launch Strategy

Choose the right podcast equipment

Podcasters have more options than ever before when it comes to recfording equipment. We don't need to use gear designed for musicians anymore.

How to pick the right gear

Choose the right podcast software

There are many different Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) that you can use for podcast editing. And there are audio effects plugins, ID3 editors, and more...

How to pick the right software

Podcast Website and Media Hosting Options

Having your own podcast website is important so you have your own platform to send listeners to. And hosting your podast audio files need to be hosted somewhere too!

How to pick podcast hosting

Planning a podcast Workflow

From ideation to content creation, the podcast production workflow takes a lot of time and effort.

You can setup a podcast production workflow that works for you. 

How to setup a podcast workflow

Creating Podcast Album Art and Promotional Graphics

The first impression most of your potential listeners will have of your show will probably be your podcast album art. Make sure you have well designed and attractive albumn art for your show.; 

You can hire a professional designer, post a job on a Gig Economy site or you can DIY your own albumn art.

How to get great podcast albumn art

Solo or Co-host

Are you going to present your show by yourself or are you going to have a co-host?

A co-host can help lighten the load by sharing the work and also to add conversation to the show. 

But be careful...

Go Solo or get a co-host

Podcast Production

How to Produce a Podcast - What tools and software do you need to produce a quality show?

Podcast Episode Ideas

How do you come up with podcast episode ideas?There are unlimited potential ideas. 

How to get new ideas

Podcast Scripting

Are you winging it in your podast presentation?  Maybe its time to start outlining or scipting your episodes!

Booking Guests

If you are doing a podcast interview show then you will need a process of finding and booking podcast guests.

How to book the guests

Episode Planning Tools

There are a ton of tools available to help you plan and produce your show(s).

Plan your show with OneNote

podcast production
zoom podtrak p4

Audio Editing Software

There are a ton of audio editing tools. Some are even designed for podcasters specifically!

Podcast Editing Software

Podcast Studio Equipment and Setup

Setting up your podcast studio can be a lot of fun! But what do you need to get started.

Podcast Studio setup

Outsourcing for Podcasters

Shoud you do everything for your podcast by yourself?

Outsourcing for Podcasters

Podcast Promotion

How do you get the word out about your show now that you are planning and producing episodes on a regular schedule?

Podcast Promo Graphics

Making promotional graphics is a good idea for sharing on social media, blog posts and for episode specific albumn art.

Graphic Design for podcasters

Podcast Promo Videos

Easily record short video promos and edit them like you would a text document! Videos are are great way to generate interest and promote your show.

Easiest way to create videos

Social Media Marketing for Podcasters

How to use social media and other maketing ideas to market your podcast and grow your audience.

Podcast Marketing

podcast promotion

Email Marketing for Podcasters

The money is in the list... so how do you get your listeners to convert to email subscribers. The podcast marketing bible may be the answer your looking for.

Email Marketing for Podcasters

Conferences for Podcasters

Meeting your ideal listeners at a conference or trade show in your niche is a great way to promote your show. But you have to do it right!


Word of Mouth Marketing

The best way to promote your podcast is through word of mounth marketing. And to do that your show has to be worth talking about... so make your show better!

Podcast Guesting

One of the best ways to promote your show is to be a guest on other podcasts in your industry. They already have the audience you want and by speaking to their audience some of them will subscribe to your show too.

Power Guesting

Rented Email Mentions

If you haven't built your email list yet it is possible to get in front of other peoples email lists by renting a spot in their email newsletter.

This isn't spam as the person is subscribed to their content.

How to rent and email list

Paid Advertising

Paid Social Media ads can help you generate new audience members this isn't for everyone.

Coming soon

Engagement with your existing Audience

Promoting your podcast is easier with the help of your audience. Word of mouth marketing is the most effective way of getting the word out. 

The best way to get your listeners to talk about your show is to produce the best possible quality show that you can. And then to engage with your audience. You want your audience to raise their hands and identify themselves. 

Podcasting can be a one way form of communication. You broadcast, they listen. 

But to get your audience to participate can be challenging. One way to do so is with listener quizes. Take the quiz on the right to see how it could work.

Podcast Profit

How to Monetize a Podcast (after you have grown an audience)

Sponsorship / Advertising

This seems to be what everyone wants but it is the least common way of making money with a podcast, especially for indie podcasters.

Podcast Funnels

Learn how to sell from the microphone. Asking listeners to raise their hands and identify their wants, needs and desires will allow you to help them with your products and services. 

Sell your book

If you have a book, your podcast is an ideal platform to sell your book. 

podcast profit

Courses / Membership Site

One of the most common methods of monetizing a podcast is to sell access to an online course or membership site.

Coaching / Consulting

Selling your coaching or consulting services is a great way to monetize your podcast

Promoting and existing business

If you have an existing business in the same niche as your podcast then you already have a way to monetize your show. Promote your business!

Plan, produce, promote and profit from your podcast

How to start a podcast email course

How to start a podcast from scratch

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