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The Bunker Project talks Mushrooms?

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We start off the show with some cheers in the background as the Canucks score a goal… woo hoo.
Or are they cheering for The Bunker Project? Yaaaaa Woooooooo!

We do our round table intros again:

Danielle Turner with Velvet Pumpkin Productions…. she produces great videos that get watched!
She is producing a show called Leap TV. A very serious business show that helps entrepreneurs run their businesses.

Satomi Hirano gives us an AWESOME intro describing her art podcast and business.
Bob and Andrew are blown away by how good she sounds and how far she has come since the first time she was on the show!
James Karg… The official Bunker Project Gaming Maven talks about bananas and peanut butter and then tells us what he does… makes video games, plays video games, covers video games and more!
According to the gaming maven Xbox users are pot heads… not all gamers just Xbox gamers.

Danielle disagrees because she loves gaming herself and doesn’t fit into that label.

Bob goes off on a gaming porn tangent and…. well… listen to the show to learn about Bob’s game fantasies???

Bob says smokers are damaging their gaming equipment.
Vitamin B Patch evolves to the THC Patch….

Somehow we are still talking about Weed…

Amsterdam no longer sells weed to non residents….
Bob says look for Joe with the big red beard?

Weed digression is over… cheers!
The Bunker Project

Loraine Murphy, aka Raincoaster is in the house!
We ask if she is rebranding to Icecoaster due to the fact that she is moving to Yellowknife soon… Bob recommends arcticfox.com but it is already taken 🙁
We talk about other variations arcticfox.ca or arcticfox.org or arcticfoxxx.com ???

Loraine has been at the Bunker Project before and wants to start earning frequent Bunker miles!

Woahhh… Loraine uses the f-bomb and gets edited out… she has to keep it real!
She talks about her social media work with people in the Downtown East Side.
One of her projects was Fearless City using cell phones to create content about life on the street and it empowered them to do great things.
Google: Henry Doyle to learn all about a prodigy student of raincoaster.

Loraine is heading to Yellowknife to take on a Social Media position.
She is going to kick some butt up there…

We talk about Yellowknife and how the gentleman to lady ratio is 4 to 1. Raincoaster is loving it!
She applied for Yellowknife and Dubai and is going to Yellowknife…. hmmm.

Bob talks about paying taxes… Andrew puts a disclaimer out there that an accountant has not evaluated this statement.

How do you make money outside of Canada and pay no taxes?
Loraine is a pinko… Andrew didn’t know what that means… anarchist communist…

Andrew says he isn’t a communist… Bob talks about sniper rifles in a game.

Andrew is politically confused… not a communist… loves free enterprise but dislikes corporatism.
Digression… cheers!
Game Mavens review of the episode so far:

We talk games, money laundering, politics, marijuana, the f-word and more.

James has a good way to remember the capitals of Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory.

They used a Yellowknife to kill the Whitehorse…

First topic of the show….

Screencast O Matic

Free service to create screencasts – cool new service that allows you to take cool screencasts.
Like Screen Flow and Camtasia. Cloud based service. Using your webcam to create screencasts for free up to 15 minutes in length for free. The premium version is only $12 per year and lets you record up to 60 minutes with no watermark branding on recorded videos.

Pretty cool!

Bob talks about cloud computing and bandwidth and servers and stuff… Andrew decides to kill the conversation with a horrible analogy about the server brings us beer out of a high bandwidth keg… yikes! Damn… it didn’t kill the subject… Bob is still talking about it…
The Bunker Project


Yaaaaay! The Canucks scored…. and now we are talking hockey!

They scored again… the bar is getting pretty loud!

We talk about the hooligans in Europe and how the fans are separated over there.

James says everyone is equal except for Calgary.

Raincoaster doesn’t like the Canuck Bandwagon… and gets edited out again!

Ok… now we are talking about Magic Mushrooms
(I forgot to ask @Twisted_Majick if his name came from Magic Mushrooms)

Next topic:

Samsung vs Apple continues but of course we don’t talk about it… we are back onto Magic Mushrooms and how to earn money for charity with big garbage bags of mushrooms… good story.

More on magic mushrooms… Apparently SFU campus is a good place to grow mushrooms.

Huge digression… or regression or whatever?

The Bunker Project

Finally back on to Samsung vs Apple!

Samsung is counter sueing Apple and is trying to get them to reveal their in development.
Fighting over patents…
Andrew brings up Volomedias patent on podcasting… crazy stuff.
More on patent squatting and our serverette comes in with some beer.

Samsung wants to see products that officially don’t even exist yet… Apple never tells anyone about their products… except for occasionally….

Woahhh… someone said Bla Bla Bla… and Andrew is upset because he has the patent on that ever since he did his Youtube video!

James brings up the Microsoft Mind Tab….

Now we’re onto brain floss and grossology…

Digressions galore!

Girls are apparently flashing from their balconies above Rogers Arena after the game.

Andrew’s upset that Def Leppard isn’t coming to Vancouver… they are going to Seattle… maybe they will announce a concert up here soon.

Where in the world is Bonnie?

Have you liked the Bunker Project on facebook yet?


Raincoaster says it is just a game… Twisted_Majic says he unfollows anybody who says something bad about the Canucks…. If they don’t follow him and say something stupid he ditches them…

Next topic… Twitter buys Tweet Deck
We ask our Twitter Maven @raincoaster what she thinks of that… she thinks it will be great!

Bob is making some funny jokes…

Bob thinks Twitter bought Tweet Deck just to scrap it… Raincoaster believes they will roll the functionality into Twitter. Andrew says that there is a market for a desktop application.

Bob talks about camping out at Social Media Camp in Victoria.

We don’t need no stinking badgers…

Back to Magic Mushrooms…

One more topic:

Google Plus 1

What do you think of Google Plus 1 – Googles version of the facebook like button.
Raincoaster says it is way too generous to give it only a Meh! She says it is DOA…

The Bunker Project

James gives us a run down of the entire show… so if you go to the end of the show you can save some time!

And that is it… And now thank our sponsor Wix.com

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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Thanks again to Wix.com for sponsoring The Bunker Project.
Wix.com is the most popular website builder in the world.

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The underground Bunker Project is a meetup focused on Social Media, Internet Marketing, New Media and Podcasting. Set in the Bunker at the Barklay Hotel on Robson St. in Vancouver, The Bunker Project will appeal to those looking for cutting edge social marketing and new media information and to those who just want to socialize over a beer and exchange thoughts and ideas about social media.

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Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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