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Androidize my Toaster please!

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We start off the show talking about last weeks show and how Kevin (the dude from the front bar) closed off the show with his song, “Consumer Blues”…


Tristan finishes off the discussion we started at the end of last weeks show about the Senate Hearing about privacy on the internet.

Basically we agree that NOTHING on the internet is private… so don’t put up what you don’t what out.

Even google searches!!!
Official Cocktail Maven of the Bunker Project


Satomi wonders why they don’t catch all the people who create viruses…

Tristan says that that the issue is much bigger and that the information is being tracked. Should the credit card company be giving you fashion advice or financial advice based on your purchases? :).

Bob says smart bar codes will know all about you and tell you if your purchase is a good one…

Google wants the whole world to be Android… fridges, dishwashers, gps navigation systems and more….

Enterprise apps are big business…

Google Android is vulnerable to hackers…. just like Fire Sheep.
How important is security?

[one_half]Back to Satomi’s viruses… what about Facebook Javascript viruses.

Remember the Facebook dislike button? The facebook viruses are nasty.

Nobody benefits from these viruses… except for the virus scan companies… hmmmmm.

Mac viruses… go back a couple shows to listen to what Kurt (Hat Maven) talks all about that.
The Bunker Project

Go Canucks Go!

We talk about hard wiring the internet down to The Bunker Project room here at the bar last Sunday… Andrew explains why Bob will never be a safety foreman at a worksite… unless it is a very unsafe worksite!

Digression…. cheers! Drink time.

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Amazon is joining the tablet market in a big way.
Bob thinks that Amazon will come in with a bare bones tablet priced to capture the mass market that won’t pay $500 for a big ticket tablet.
Andrew disagrees…
Andrew thinks the Amazon tablet will rival the iPad (hardware wise) designed to leverage Amazons content library of books, audio books, games, apps, products, online storage and more. Andrew sticks to his guns and Bob bets Andrew $10 Canadian and then changes it to $10 US because it is a safer bet. Bob says no way… Amazon is coming out with a low end.

The Bunker Project

Andrew brings up the Microsoft laser beam computer again… Why is Microsoft not in the tablet game >> laser beams a big screen right to your eye!!! Holographic beams… bring on the holodeck!

Tristan asks how the holodeck could fit all that stuff in a small room with yellow lines?

Satomi asks about Skype via iPad or Tablet.

Microsoft bought Skype… facebook and skype are working on a deal to bring phone calls to facebook. Facebook is the rolodex and skype is the phone… perfect combination.

[one_half]Andrew talks about Windows Phone 7 not being compatible with Windows Phone 8… they are breaking code and going open source which is a good idea but man… sucks if you have a Windows Phone 7 and were looking forward to all these new apps that were supposed to be coming out… not likely now.[/one_half]
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Netflix… we talk about how much bandwidth they use. Netflix has surpassed all bittorrents so the paid content has won… the industry should be happy. However, the metered internet is a HUGE threat to Netflix and they aren’t taking this proposed regulatory change lightly. They are fighting this move big time. Netflix is taking over.

More on the Metered internet… video that explains bandwidth costs… below

Rick Mercer and the History of the Canadian business person.


We don’t want no stinking internet usage caps and per MB billing!

Clifford the Big Red dog vs Boo the Dog…. they both got book deals.

Satomi has a cat that she wants to hook up Boo the Dog with.

Check out Homer the blind cat… apparently a touching story.
Geez… he has a book too!

The Rapture… is coming… oh oh. Bob wants to loot all the Rapture believers homes when they disapear and goes to heaven. Satomi doesn’t believe in the rapture.
We go way off on a digression about Mayans, age of Aquarius and going to Space Time.

Tristan wants to know what the heck is going on Star Trek. Metaphor for the cold war? I guess the federation are the Soviets and the Ferengi are the USA? Or something like that.

We talk about Libre Office… and Tweet Shot…. Mehhh! First Mehhh in long time.

Kooii.com > Social Media search engine… we’ll come back to it later when we try it out and see how it works.

[one_half]We talk about Empire Avenue and the Nicheprof’s Empire Avenue tips.

@Twisted_Majick talks about going back in time to buy podcasthero stock on Empire Avenue.
Buy Bob Garlick

Lady Ga Ga gets 10 million followers… Bob is not interested… anyone, anyone….

Bob gives a big shout out to Hootsuite…
Every Friday at Hootsuite the staff gets a Keg of Beer…. but is it black beer????

Googles Plus One button… coming soon. Will it catch on… or flop.

The Bunker Project with Andrew and Bob
Tristan wants Google to have “this site sucks” button so we can all vote away bad sites from the search engines. Democracy search engine…. I like it… want to start a search engine start up… democroogle?

Tristan wants the NHL to make the sport more streaker friendly.
The Art of Streaking…

Why does Andrew always say it is time to close off the show after Tristan says something?
Tristan wants to know…

We talk about one more topic… listen to the show to find out about this new url shortener that puts an ad on the screen for 5 seconds and then takes you to your link…. won’t fly… don’t think so… five seconds is way to long. Definitely a Meh!

Did I mention we like Black Beer…. very tasty.

Utterly terrible joke… We are Moooooving on

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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Your Hosts,

Andrew McGivern & Bob Garlick

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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