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Simple Mind for Podcasters and Bloggers

Mind Mapping for Podcasters and Bloggers

Mind Mapping software allows you to quickly and naturally get your ideas out in an organized structure. The process of mind mapping is similar to brainstorming and many great ideas are generated. In this post I talk about the Simple Mind software and why I like it so much. If you want to add mind mapping to your content creation workflow then click to read more.

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What is a Podcast RSS Feed?

What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed is what makes podcasting possible. A Podcast is episodic media published in a series and delivered via an RSS Feed. An RSS Feed stands for Rich Site Summary but many people refer to RSS as Really Simple Syndication. RSS Feeds make it possible to publish your content and have it sent to your fans and followers automatically. The power of syndicated content.

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How to add the Trademark Symbol in WordPress?

Do you have a blog or podcast that you want to trademark but aren't ready to officially register it? The best legal protection for your intellectual property is a registered trademark but you can start off by adding the unregistered trademark or service mark symbol to your website or brand name. How do you add the trademark symbol in Wordpress? It is easy with just a little piece of code..

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Podcasting 101 – part 2 – It doesn’t matter what you say!

No matter what you topic you are covering in your podcast, what you say is not the only thing you need to focus on. What you say in your podcast is very important and how you say it is equally important. If you have passion for what you are talking about this will come through naturally. We will be able to hear the energy and enthusiasm in your voice! But for some of us (me included), we have to work a little bit on HOW we speak in order to keep our listeners interested in the show.

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