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Your podcast doesn’t have to hide behind some other label on facebook anymore!

Are you a podcaster with a Radio Station Facebook page?

Or does your podcast page on facebook have the community label?

I’ve seen a lot of podcasters use Website as the facebook page category.

Whichever facebook page category you are currently using, you now have another choice…. Podcast!

Yippee, this is great news if you simultaneously care about podcasting and Facebook.


What made facebook acknowledge that podcasts exist?

A couple of things stand out.

  • The recent success of a few well produced podcast series like Serial and Startup.
  • The general increase in media exposure for podcasting.
  • Podcasts are available everywhere now – computers, tablets, smart phones, iPods, Cars and smart watches / wearables.
  • And Mark Zuckerberg probably listened to a podcast and thought… I could create a new category!

Should I change my facebook page category to Podcast?

If your facebook page is dedicated to your podcast exclusively then it is a good idea to change to the podcast category. The word Podcast will effectively identify what your page represents.

  • But what if you are more than a Podcaster but also run a blog and a forum on your website?
  • Or maybe you have a Youtube Channel and a paid membership site in addition to your podcast?
  • Or maybe you’re a podcaster and an online teacher on Udemy and SkillShare?

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Should you change your facebook page category to Podcast? … Maybe not.

Perhaps community or website is a more accurate description if a podcast is just a small part of what you are doing?

If your following Pat Flynn’s be everywhere strategy then maybe you shouldn’t change your facebook category. The be everywhere strategy involves putting your content in whichever medium and on whatever platform your audience prefers. Which means putting a lot of resources into maintaining multiple platforms. Pat did say to only be on a platform if you can do it well though.

You may be on multiple platforms and broadcasting in multiple mediums.  If so, describing your Facebook page as a Podcast might not be reflective of what you really do.

Cliff Ravenscraft advised listeners of Podcast Answer Man not to change their facebook category if their podcast was part of their business or brand.   If your podcast is just one of many promotional tools for your business it wouldn’t make sense to change the facebook category.   A local business wouldn’t want to describe themselves as a podcast just because they have a podcast.

How do I change my Facebook Page Category to Podcast?


So if you have decided that yes I am in fact a Podcast… or I do a lot of other things but the heart of what I do centers on the podcast… Or if you don’t know what a podcast is but you want to change your category to Podcast just for the heck of it… then this is how you do it.

Go to your Facebook Page and if you are signed in as an admin then you will be able to access and edit the ‘about’ tab.


Once in the About tab choose page info… And here you will be able to change your category ‘Other’ and sub category to “Podcast”.

Changing Facebook Page Category to Podcast

So are you going to change your Facebook Page to Podcast?

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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