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Podcasting Books to help you start a podcast and improve your show.

There are many ways to learn how to start a podcast. There some great courses, mastermind groups, podcasts about podcasting, YouTube videos, and there are books on podcasting.

It is good to hear different opinions and get a big-picture view, but some of the content out there is no longer up to date as the podcasting space is changing rapidly.

There are dozens of good podcasts about podcasting and I recommend listening to many of them. But if you are also inclined to learn through reading then these books will give some insight into how to improve your podcasting skills and get you on the right track.

The 5 Best Podcasting Books

1. Big Podcast, by David Hooper

Big Podcast is a great book on podcasting by David Hooper. This book is focussed on podcasting for beginners through to the most experienced. Podcasters of all levels will probably get some insights from this book.

This book takes the listener from nothing to growing a big podcast. The book itself is also BIG so the name is fitting – a big podcast book!

This is the most recent book on podcasting that I’ve read and I also believe it is probably the best book about how to podcast available now. David said that this book took several years to write. I’m sure you will agree that the hard work paid off after reading this book yourself.

David Hooper also hosts a great podcast about podcasting called Build a Big Podcast. This show is a solo/monolog show where you get to listen to David’s take on how to be a successful podcaster.

I subscribe to Building a Big Podcast and it is definitely worth listening to.

2. How to Podcast, by Paul Colligan

How to Podcast Book

Paul Colligan is a podcasting pioneer and is a well-respected commentator in the podcasting space. In How to Podcast, Paul teaches you how to start and run a show without all the over-complicated setups and technology that others like to promote

Paul likes to say that podcasting is not about the tech and despite being a tech geek I totally agree. Check out Paul’s other podcasting site – The Podcast Partnership.

Paul produces his own podcast about podcasting called The Podcast Report which is a great source of news and analysis in the podcasting industry. The Podcast Report is a solo/monolog show and is a great podcasting resource.

Listen to “The Podcast Report With Paul Colligan” on Spreaker.

I subscribe to Paul’s show and I recommend you do too!

3. Profit From Your Podcast, by David Jackson

Hall of Fame podcaster, Dave Jackson teaches you how to monetize your podcast pulling from 20 years of podcasting experience. If you are tired of podcasting for free and want to learn how to turn your passion into profit then check out this book.

Dave Jackson produces multiple podcasts about podcasting including the original podcast about podcasting – The School of Podcasting.

The School of Podcasting is a great example of the variety show podcast format.

Check out the School of podcasting:

Listen to “The School of Podcasting” on Spreaker.

I never miss an episode of the School of Podcasting and if you are a podcaster this show is a must-listen (and subscribe).

3. Interview Connections: How to #ROCKTHEPODCAST from both sides of the mic by Jessica Rhodes

Interview Connections will teach you that you need to be not only a great podcast host but also a great podcast guest in order to successfully market a show.

Jessica Rodes runs the Interview Connections service, the first podcast booking agency. You can check it out at www.interviewconnections.com.

Jessica also hosts an interview-format podcast called Rock the Podcast, which you can sample right here:

4. The Common Path to Uncommon Success

The Common Path to Uncommon Success applies to podcasters and all other content creators. It is essentially a playbook on exactly what to do from ideation through to monetization. Everything you need to know, step by step on how to succeed as a content creator.

Of course, success is never guaranteed but you can stack the deck in your favor by reading this book.

I highly recommend this book to everyone starting a show or struggling to make it work.

John Lee Dumas is a podcasting success story. He launched one of the first daily interview shows and grew it into a top podcast which is now the hub of a multi-income stream business.

John also has another book worth mentioning. Podcast Launch: A complete guide to launching your Podcast with 15 Video Tutorials!: How to create, launch, grow & monetize a Podcast by John Lee Dumas

Read Podcast Launch to learn how to plan, launch, produce, and monetize a show from a man who has done it all successfully.

John Lee Dumas is still producing episodes of his interview format show – Entrepreneurs on Fire. Check it out here:

5. Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio

NPR dominates the high-produced, narrative storytelling style of podcasting. In Out On the Wire, Jessica Abel takes you behind the scenes of seven top narrative podcasts.

Learn what it is like to produce a narrative-style podcast.

Jessica produced a companion show to the book but it looks like it has podfaded.

Check out the podcast here:

There is so much content available in multiple formats. If you like reading then these five books about podcasting is a great place to start your podcast education.

If you have another book that you’d like to recommend let us know in the comments below.

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