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A microphone is the most prominent tool in the podcaster’s equipment stack. To record a great-sounding podcast you need to have the right microphone for your voice and recording environment and learn good mic techniques.

There are two main types of microphones that are commonly used by podcasters – Condenser and Dynamic. Condenser microphones are typically used in acoustically treated recording studios as they tend to be more sensitive and pick up a wider frequency range.

To read all about Condenser Microphones read our post on What is a Condenser Mic?

This post will focus on the other microphone type – The Dynamic Microphone.

A dynamic microphone is a great choice for people that don’t have a quiet and acoustically treated recording space.

What is a Dynamic Microphone?

A dynamic mic uses Electro-Magnetic induction to convert sound energy into electrical energy.

A dynamic microphone needs to have a method of generating a magnetic field. There must be an electrical conductor that can transfer the current generated from the magnetic field. And there has to be a way to move the current between the magnetic field and the conductor.

A dynamic microphone converts sound waves into electrical energy using a diaphragm, a magnet, and electromagnetic induction.

What is EM Induction?

Dynamic mics work by using electromagnetism and the key to this is EM Induction.

When a variable magnetic field is applied to an electrical conductor like copper it generates an electric current. A variable magnetic field can be produced by moving the magnetic field or by moving the conductor. In a dynamic microphone, the magnetic field is fixed and the conductor (the mic’s diaphragm) moves as sound waves impact it.

Examples of Popular Budget Dynamic Podcast Microphones

Examples of Popular High-Quality Podcast Microphones

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Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone

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Our Pick

Electro-Voice RE 20 Dynamic Microphone

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A dynamic microphone is not as sensitive as a condenser microphone. This is why dynamic microphones are popular among indie podcasters. Most indie podcasters are recording from their home or office and not in professional sound studios. So a dynamic microphone won’t pick up as much of the background noise.

The downside is that typically a dynamic microphone doesn’t capture the full dynamic range of a voice. Some podcasters prefer condenser microphones because of the richness of the sound.

However, to get a good quality condenser microphone you have to spend a lot of money. And a good quality dynamic microphone can be acquired for significantly less monetary investment.

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