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Nady SP-1 STARPOWER Microphone Review

Should you buy the Nady SP-1 as your podcast mic?

Nady SP-1 Podcast Microphone

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a podcast microphone.

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which microphone is best for you.

Do you need a dynamic or condenser microphone?

What is a wide diaphragm microphone?

It can be confusing…

The Nady SP-1 is a great starter microphone for podcasters.

If you are on a budget, the Nady SP-1 is one of the least expensive microphones available.

But the Nady SP 1 still sounds pretty good!

It was my first microphone!

If you’ve ever listened to The Bunker Project podcast then you’ve heard the Nady SP1 in action.

All the Bunker Project Mavens used the Nady SP1 except for Andrew and Bob.

Andrew and Bob started with Nady SP1 microphone and upgraded later.

They served us well in the beginning.

Andrew upgraded to the Heil Classic Rock and Roll Mic before finally scoring the Heil PR40.

Bob upgraded to the Sure SM58 Beta before landing the coveted Electrovoice RE320.


About the NADY SP1 Dynamic Microphone

The Nady SP 1 Starpower microphone is a dynamic microphone and is a good starter microphone for the podcaster on a budget.

As long as your podcasting kit includes a mixer or an audio interface then the Nady SP1 is a great, inexpensive option.

Especially if you do a roundtable type show and need multiple microphones because the expense will add up.

At the Bunker Project, we had eight Nady SP-1’s in our podcast equipment setup!

The Nady SP1 features a built-in ON/OFF switch and is also available as a microphone package which includes a stand and XLR cable at a great price.


The Nady SP-1 is an all-purpose professional stage and recording microphone, producing excellent clear and transparent sound across the spectrum with smooth bass, mid-presence punch, and crisp highs.

Features unidirectional cardioid pattern with superior feedback rejection, plus rugged metal construction and internal shock mounting for maximum reliability and ultra-low handling noise.

The powerful neodymium element cuts through with accurate, distortion-free sound in even the highest sound pressure level situations.

A mic clip is included with the Nady SP-1 Dynamic Microphone.

Amazon Product Description

Nady SP1 for Podcasting


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Andrew McGivern

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