Big Podcast – Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show


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This book is for podcasters who can’t quite figure out what they’re doing wrong (and are ready to do things right).

You started your podcast because you want to:

  • Spread an important message
  • Share your passion
  • Make money

But your podcast hasn’t quite taken off like you thought it would.

What happened?

You’ll learn:

  • Why your “natural personality” may be repelling to people and how to make it attract listeners to your podcast like a magnet (See p198)
  • What to do when a company tries to “lowball” you on advertising fees (do nothing, except send them the email on p424)
  • It’s easy to screw up an interview. To be sure you don’t run into any problems, use my “guest contract” on p311.
  • A six-word “trick” (learned from a 20-year radio veteran) that will instantly make you a better host (it’s on p210)
  • 9 reasons to kill an interview before it happens – ignore these “red flags” and you’ll be sorry (p299)
  • What Victoria’s Secret models know about podcasting (even though you never hear them talk) – this lesson starts on p208!
  • Nervous on the mic? You have lots of company – 75% of podcasters to be exact. I give you a 5-step way to cure your “stage fright” on p229.
  • If you’re scared of getting bad reviews, don’t worry – I have three simple ways to handle critics on p236 (two of which can turn critics into fans)
  • Why copying top podcasters may be killing your podcast (I share the story on p116) and how to develop a podcasting style that works for you (and will attract more listeners)
  • My 3-step “episode teaser” formula – it’s boring, but it works (get it on p110)
  • Thinking of doing a “daily” podcast? You must read p103 before you start.
  • Want to impress a guest? See the chapter starting on p321 for my 3-step followup “ritual” that will make being on your podcast unforgettable (and encourage guests to promote your episodes)

And that’s just the start …

This book contains my complete system on how to attract listeners, deliver your message effectively, and build a big podcast.
Is it worth doing a podcast if nobody listens?
It’s not. Read this book and get the listeners you deserve.

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