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After months of design, development, and personal investment, the Little Prompter is ready for the production line. We’ve had users in Wisconsin, California, and Minnesota performing extensive testing with versions of the Little Prompter, which led us to the versatile model we have today. We’ve tested with multiple types of laptops, tablets, monitors, webcams, iMacs, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and more.

Little Prompter – a cool little Teleprompter

If you make talking head videos as an online course creator, video podcaster, YouTuber, or internet marketer then a teleprompter can help to make your videos look more professional. There are many options available from full-size, professional teleprompters to simple smartphone or tablet apps.

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The problem with using an app (without an actual teleprompter) is that the phone or tablet will be placed a little off-axis from the camera view. A teleprompter places the text you are reading in front of the camera so that as you are reading it you are looking directly into the camera.

The Little Prompter

The Little Prompter is a new product that solves several problems.

  • DIY Teleprompters can be difficult to create if you don’t have the technical building skills
  • Teleprompters are typically bulky and heavy which means not very portable
  • A mobile app by itself may help you to read your script but without “eye contact” to the viewer.

The Little Prompter is a small teleprompter that can fit over your built-in laptop camera, a webcam, or a professional DSLR or Video Camera.  You then put your smartphone on the tray and play your queued text and you are good to go.

This product was launched with a  Kickstarter Campaign and is now available to be delivered right to your door on Amazon.

Watch the Little Prompter demo video:

Little Prompter was developed by Dann Hurlbert because he saw an opportunity for improvement after years of experience as an actor, director, film, and theatre instructor, and now a design and media specialist in higher education. He currently works directly with employees making instructional videos.

He has used everything from DIY teleprompters to large professional teleprompters over the span of his career.  While working with people creating videos using his bulky pro-grade teleprompter he often heard people say that they wish they had one of those in their office.

The faculty and business professionals I work with are smart.  Their content is good.  But some still struggle when delivering content on camera.  That’s not rare, either.   Many people become more self-conscious in front of a camera.  To make matters worse, today’s video audiences have little tolerance for unpolished delivery. They’ve been consuming high-quality video produced by professionals their entire lives.  So, when a viewer see poor video quality, a halting delivery, and a lack of eye-contact, they dismiss the speaker as insecure, unprofessional, unintelligent.   That translates to a drop in engagement, a loss of trust, and poor results.

The Little Prompter website is at LittlePrompter.com

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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