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What is Voxnest?

What is Voxnest?

Voxnest offers podcasters new tools for monetization

Voxnest is a newly formed entity that is now the parent company of Spreaker and Blog Talk Radio.

Voxnest is offering all podcasters, not just Spreaker and Blog Talk Radio users, access to its new podcasting tools. These tools are called Dynamo, Hive and Cortex. They are designed to help podcasters of all levels manage their content and sponsorships.

Hive is for publishers with over 20 000 downloads and Cortex is an analytics and reporting platform coming soon.


Is Dynamo good for my podcast?

Voxnest created Dynamo to allow audio publishers the ability to monetize their content using a new approach to dynamic ad insertion.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Dynamo works much like Google Adsense.

The podcaster can adapt Dynamo into the content and their process. Indie podcasters can start bringing in advertising via their existing back catalog without having to change hosting companies. The quality of your audio will also remain the same. You can choose the ad types you want to appear in your episodes and target niches related to your topic.

Dynamo integrates into any podcasting setup and workflow. You don’t need to change the way you record and publish your show. You can monetize your back catalog without having to re-edit all those episodes.

How does it work?

Plug in your podcast’s RSS feed and create an account. Your feed will automatically update with a new RSS prefix as soon as you start placing pre-, mid-, and post-rolls to your-episodes.

Read more at Voxnest.com



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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

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