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036 | The Bunker Project – Podcasting “Den”

This week on The Bunker Project we talk about smart phones, facebook migration tool, web developers and more... The Bunker Project is recorded in front of a live studio audience. The audience is welcome to participate in the show. If you live in the Vancouver area please join us for a taping of the show by signing up at our Meetup Page. Or join us on the show by calling our voice mail feedback hotline: Toll Free - 1.877.636.1474.

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024 | The Bunker Project – Podcasting with a Condensor Mic

This week on the Bunker Project we talk about a cool way to "fix" your condensor microphone for podcasting from your home studio or office. A condensor mic sounds great but brings in background noise and ambient sounds that don't sound so great. Ken describes a way to build a condensor mic enclosure which blocks off sound from every direction except for the direction of your voice! Very cool. Plus a whole lot more...

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