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The 2011 Podcast Awards

The Peoples Choice – Vote for your favorite shows today!

Well… it is that time again. The Podcast Awards give you the opportunity to vote for your favourite shows. Podcasters are working hard and are putting out great content every week. By voting for them you are helping to give them more exposure and appreciation.

There are a few rules:

Read the instructions carefully before voting. The following quote is from the Podcast Awards site and it explains how to vote.

Please Read before you fill out the nominations: You get to submit the nomination form “ONE” time only!. Nominate as many shows as you can, only submitting one show is a waste. Fill the nomination form out to the best of your ability, once you hit Submit you are done for 2011! Do not submit the same show in multiple categories, find out what category your favorites shows want to be nominated in, nomination totals do not cross categories. Do not nominate the “same show” for People’s Choice and Best Produced, nominate 2 different shows in the top two categories. You can then nominate each show in one additional category each..

You only get to fill this form out once so make sure you have the correct information for all the podcasts you want to vote for while filling out the form.

Pick only one category per show… do not nominate the same podcast across multiple categories.
The exception is Peoples Choice and Best Produced. You can nominate the same show for ONE of these categories and one other category. You can’t nominate the same show for both “Peoples Choice” and “Best Produced”

Please Nominate Podcast Hero programming for the Podcast Awards in their categories

I’ll give you the info for the podcasts featured here on Podcast Hero to make it easy for you to vote for them if you choose to. The three shows that are currently featured on Podcast Hero are The Bunker Project, Health Empowerment News and Bob Garlicks Business Book Talk.

Thank you very much for taking the time to vote for your favorite podcasts and if you vote for one of our featured shows thanks again!

Voting closes on September 30th…
So click here to vote >> The 2011 Podcast Awards
[box type=”shadow”]TECHNOLOGY Category

Show Name: The Bunker Project

URL: www.uncensoredsocialunderground.com

[box type=”shadow”]HEALTH and FITNESS Category

Show Name: Health Empowerment News

URL: www.foodsarenotdrugs.com

[box type=”shadow”]BUSINESS Category

Show Name: Business Book Talk

URL: www.businessbooktalk.com

Remember… if you have any questions or comments for any programs on Podcast Hero call the voice mail feedback line >> 1-877-636-1474 and leave a message for the show(s).

Cheers and have fun voting!

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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