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Zombie Walk Vancouver? Is there really a place in France?

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The Bunker Project: Episode 53 Show Notes

The show starts off with a technical glitch… Podproducer freezes during the opening theme but we decide to keep going anyway.

Andrew is back from France with a stop in London and he actually said… “I saw London, I saw France, I saw someones underpants!”… and it’s true he did see all those things.
And he also found “The Place” but is forbidon to reveal the location.

There’s a place in France where the Ladies don’t wear pants…
And there’s a hole in the wall where the men can see it all.

Andrew talks a little bit about his trip to France and the illegal tomatos… which will be a better topic for the Health Empowerment News podcast.

Germans dislike the facebook like button and one district is banning the like button due to violation of privacy laws. The big issue is that all the data is being mined and sent back to an American company. The German government isn’t coming after facebook over the use of the like button… they are going after the businesses that use it on their sites… with big fines.

Bob wants to talk games… and gets confused over who is who and who is excited about Angry Birds…. Turns out it is Bonnie.
Bob says Google + shouldn’t be monetizing the experience and makes a long statement about the problems with Google + games…
The Game Maven says there is soooo much wrong with that statement… and gives us his commentary about Google + games. James says that Texas Holdem is his favourite game on Google +. We talk about farmville and cityville and whether they are coming to Google + or not.
James is wearing a Google shirt he won at a converence.

Andrew is wearing a Wix.com shirt… Bob likes his Wix.com shirts because they feel fuzzy.

Andrew mentions his Klout score plummeted while on vacation… James says Klout and Empire Avenue are games but they aren’t fun.

James mentions that he is burned out on Google + but Bonnie says she is just getting started with G+. Will people leave facebook for G+?

Next topic is Google’s purchase of Motorola
What will Motorola’s new phones be called? Googorola?
Why buy Motorola? Patents, Patents, Patents! and to have a Gold Standard Android Phone.

Andrew talks about the difference between a pure Android phone like the Nexus One or Nexus S and a manufacturer with it’s own overlay. HTC Sense and Motorola’s Motoblur are examples of this. James brings up the point about the different versions of Android making it complicated.
Andrew says Apple has the same problem to a certain extent.

We get into the death of Web OS… and some talk about HP printers…

Bob wants regenerating paper… Arik says not to forget about the importance of rolling papers.

Satomi asks a question about the Motorola purchase and Skype.

Arik brings up credit card phones or network billing for purchases. Charge purchases to your cell bill using your smart phone.

Bonnie asks if there is an idiot app?

James asks us to stop using the word “gamification”
He says the Health Care System shouldn’t be gamified which was pretty funny.

James asks the podcast listeners to call 1-877-636-1474 and let us know if the Safeway points use a reverse auction? Listen to the show to understand exactly what that means.

Bob talks about having a hangout hangover.

Google + yanked peoples accounts for not using their real names.

James brings up Google Wave again…. Bonnie said Wave wasn’t that bad.
Andrew says he had Google Wave and most of the people he invited to it didn’t use the platform so he was there with only a few people to collaborate with…. boring.

Bob remembers how he used to trash Americans…

Back to the Zombie walk
James says people dress like Zombies and meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery and then walk through the cities like Zombies.
Andrew asks if they are the old fashioned slow walking Zombies or the new fast running freaky Zombies? Arik says that in Vancouver you would be accepted for whatever kind of Zombie you are! Wreck Beach Zombie?
James said there were more Zombie Hunters than Zombies… people also dress up like Zombie Hunters and run around shooting the Zombies… Bob asks if you can use a real gun?

Bonnie said she’d rather be a hunter… Bob says he’ll be a gatherer!

Bob brings up the series of Classic Books that were rewritten with Zombies in the plot. Like Moby Dick with Zombies. Arik says that copyright law only applies to living people and Zombies can do whatever they want.

Bob moves along to the next topic in the show notes which is… Do away with the Dentist Drill by regenerating your teeth! Bob asks Andrew what the heck is this doing in the show notes… ???

Andrew says he thought it was really cool that you could regenerate your teeth by applying a syrum to your teeth. And Andrew wonders if you put extra on your teeth will you grow vampire fangs. Andrew said a few years ago someone developed the same thing for hair and he put some on his eyebrows and the rest is history…

Andrew talks about McDonalds in France has a competitor called Quick which is an exact copy of McDonalds. And Starbucks is starting to take hold there too.

Bob asks why there isn’t a Zombie drink… Andrew and James say they’ve enjoyed many Zombies in the past.

The closing music is playing and we plug our awesome sponser… wix.com where you can build an awesome mobile website, facebook website and regular website all for free! Check it out!

Thanks for listening to the show!

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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