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Shane Gibson Interview and our favourite apps


The Bunker Project: Episode 54 Show Notes

We start off the show introducing our Bunker Project Mavens quickly and jumping into a conversation with social media superstar, Shane Gibson via Google + Hangout.

We talk with Shane about his 30-day podcasting marathon. He found in the past that by doing a blogging marathon brought him a lot of new readers so he decided to do it with his podcast. Over the 30 days, he recorded 18 podcasts and he noticed he lost some subscribers due to some of them getting email notifications of each episode. Traffic didn’t increase but engagement did. More comments, Twitter and Facebook action as well.

While Bob is fixing a mix-minus issue, Andrew brings up the fact that Shane is enjoying a black beer (Guinness) at home while joining us on the Bunker Show… cool!

Bob asks Shane how he does his shows solo and keeps the flow going without a cohost.

He explains how he does a lot of speaking on social media and social selling and is used to doing monologues.

We talk about microphones and a condenser mic box to improve the audio quality.

Shane says that podcasting is a great way to get to Senior Executives because they or their assistants are listening to the show and it gives them an opportunity to learn about him before he meets them in person.

James asks Shane what he is doing with Social Media week coming up in September.
September 19th to 23rd Social Media Week is happening in 12 cities worldwide. It is a crowdsourcing exercise and it is all free.

Social Media education and training for free… Check it out!

Listen to Shanes’ Podcast
www.shanegibson.com redirects to his Google + profile… check him out on G+

And back to our regular scheduled program…

Andrew says Kevin hasn’t been to the Bunker Project in a while… last time he sang us a song and never came back…

We talk about cameras for Google +. We have one mounted up high so our G+ hangout people can see everyone in the room.

Bob says his green shirt would blend in well with a chroma key screen so he would be a floating head with some floating hands.

We get into Apples rumoured lower quality iPhone 4 which is apparently going to be released at the same time as the iPhone 5. It will be a greatly reduced price point.

Bonnie asks why is a Smart Phone is $600 when her new laptop is only $300. Andrew says that the smaller the device with equivalent power and components the more expensive it will be.

James makes an Andrew eyebrow joke… which wasn’t really a joke because it is true… which makes it even funnier.

Satomi asks a question about prepaid plans. The conversation goes on about phones and cell phone bills.

Andrew says it is all about price and quality… James says Telus is awesome and Andrew agrees!

Marlyn asks what kind of customer service exercise is Apple engaged in with the lower quality units coming out… are they prepared for the problems that will ensue?

James says Android will wipe out iOS… Andrew says that Android is already the dominant Smart Phone Platform but iOS has the strongest ecosystem and is the most profitable.
Apple has 20% of the market share and 66% of the profits.

Back to favourite apps…. or not… James talks about counterstrike and how he got a lot of people he killed in the game to go to his website.

Now back to apps… James is using eat street which tracks the food trucks in Vancouver and shows you where they are and their menus.

Apple has 20% of the market share and 66% of the profits.

Back to favourite apps…. or not… James talks about counterstrike and how he got a lot of people he killed in the game to go to his website.

Andrew uses Pocketcasts (so does Bob) to listen to podcasts.
Andrew goes on a digression about how he got a google alert or tweet beep about podcasting being patented a year or two ago. Volomedia had applied for and was granted a patent for episodic media and the diagram in the patent showed a show being distributed over the internet being downloaded to a computer into software which would then sync to your phone as iTunes or Zune does…. Andrew says that he said the patent wouldn’t be valid anyway because he believed that in the future podcasts would be downloaded directly to the smartphone or mp3 player without a computer being involved… and pocket casts do just that… so take that Volomedia!

Bobs favourite app is google maps. He uses it to track himself and find out where he is.

Bonnie’s app is lookout which is virus protection for your Android phone and it will find the phone for you. It also backs up your info and saves it in the cloud.

Andrew says if you find someone’s phone… give it back. James says if you don’t give it back you’re a dick. We talk about www.recoverex.com.

James likes GetGlue… which helps you check in to anything you are watching, reading or listening.

Andrew likes lattidue… Bob says that’s a map thing so I’m stealing his app choice.

Andrew likes Evernote and Dropbox.

Bob likes camcard which will take a picture of a business card and put the info in your contacts. It also keeps the image of the business card so you can go through the rolodex of cards in the app and look for the card later. Bob says sometimes he remembers the card but forgets the company name so this app helps with that.

Bob says Andrew must have jet lag and Andrew says he didn’t get jet lag. James says how could you not have jet lag and Andrew explains that he took 3 5htp’s and 2 sleepy sense (melatonin and b12) and it resets your circadian rhythm and away you go.

Bonnie likes Audible.com’s app… Bob says to check out uncensoredsocialunderground.com and get your audible account through our affiliate link and we’ll get a commission…. support the content at the Bunker Project by using our affiliate link.
Bob said it would be cool if you could request a narrator like Kermit the Frog for Audible books.

Bob likes the clock app… someone said lame… someone else agreed.

Andrew brings up Air Control, air traffic control game that convinced Andrew to never become an air traffic controller.

And that is the end of the show… overtime… join us again next week!
Thanks for listening to the show!

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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