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Is Google Glass Cool or Creepy?


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Bunker Project Episode 132: Is Glass cool or creepy and Tech in the classroom

Bob and Marcel talk about the Game Of Thrones Beer that they picked up at the prescreening. We talk about Google Glass… Is it cool or Creepy? Tech in the Classroom and we have another great Gaming With James segment.
Show 132 – Google Glass: Cool or Creepy?

Round Table Intros:

Bonnie Sainsbury @bsainsbury  (joined us at the end of the show)
Margaret Reynolds @bc_insurancegal
Andrew McGivern  @podcasthero
Bob Garlick @bobgarlick (Made it for the end of the show)
Nozi Paul @nozipaul
James Karg @twisted_majic
The Norm Maven ( via voicemail feedback )
The Daddy Maven recorded a covert video:

Round Table Intro Question: Name, Twitter Handle and do you think Google Glass is Cool or Creepy?

• Nozi Paul is looking forward to Google Glass and likes the fact that you’ll know that everyone can be recording you when they are wearing the glasses. He doesn’t like secret recording devices though. Marcel brings up a Blackberry App that allowed him to see people who had active facebook and twitter accounts on their phones.
• Sanj votes for creepy! He doesn’t like being followed by Google online let alone offline. Google Glass would allow Google to track him offline.
• Marcel talks about his canceled Social Media accounts… He is a little creeped out about Google Glass but he recognizes it as the future. He said everyone will have one and there is nothing he can do about it. Andrew asked if Marcel thinks bars and public places may ban Google Glasses.
• James has been shaking his head while everyone else was talking. He rebuts everyone’s response.  He agrees with most of Marcel’s points. Marcel said we need to have a riot off so Vancouver and England can settle who is the best at rioting. Nozi Paul said Vancouver has no chance. James brings up a horror video Sight. A futuristic movie about what might happen with this technology.
• Marcel interjects and says this is not going away. If it isn’t Google Glass it will be another platform. It can’t be any other way, resistance if futile.
• Margaret says it is both Creepy and Cool… and also inevitable. Creepy or Cool depends on who is using it and what they are doing with it. Are they using it or abusing it?
• Bonnie said if you’re a creep you’re a creep. It isn’t the device that makes you creepy. She likes Glass.
• Bob said all of us are old farts and iTooth and iRetina are around the corner. The youth will pick this stuff up and run with it. Bonnie said not just the youth. It is making us more targetted for advertising.
• Bob brings up an example of being at the prescreening of a movie and Bob ran around to all the cliques of 3 or 4 people. Bob is a master networker and ran around talking to everyone. Google Glass may bias people away from networking with people. Bob is worried that this technology will make people less social in person.
• Andrew doesn’t think that it will be possible to block facial recognition across all platforms.
• Randall says it is cool as long as he can turn it off. Ken wants a teleporter… not glass.
• Ken doesn’t care too much about Google Glass. Could be creepy in some situations but it is mainly what you can do with it. As a developer, he is looking forward to making things for it.
• Watching an event from afar by viewing people’s point of view glass cameras.
• Bob says it is Google just once again disrupting a market. He brings up a cool armband gesture-based product available for only $149. Very cool. Watch the video below. Bob is convinced iTooth is on the way and may fix the nasal tone.
• Andrew brings up this cool TED Talk where a guy has this technology that allows him to use any flat surface as your computer screen.
• Andrew wonders if it is going to turn us all into Schizophrenics.

Technology in the classroom:

  • Email from Brenda:• Bob says forget about mobile apps, should be a cloud solution.
    • Bonnie said use e-learning sites
    • James says nobody gets it… use HTML 5 apps so that all devices can use them.
    • Bob says it is unfair to ask the kids to supply the devices.
    • Bob says the device is irrelevant. They need kick ass bandwidth.
  • Sanj is troubled by the focus on tech instead of the fundamentals. Retention of the information is diluted by technology.

Bonnie said they have identified a form of intelligence that knows where to find information. Accessing information quickly is equivalent to recall from memory.
Margaret said that basics are important but technology is equally important because the new jobs will probably be tech jobs.

  • Gaming with James:

  • • Ken joins James on Gaming With James. Ken made a game called Unicorn Rush. You run along and collect Unicorns. Bob says keep away from Uni-porn.
    • Ken’s next game is Spellchemy. It combines spelling with chemistry. James says Ken should make a dyslexic version for Bob. Check it out at Spellchemy.com
    • Andrew asks Ken if he is developing any Blackberry 10 native apps or porting Android apps over.
    • Andrew has a question about Chrome Apps.
    • Bob asks if Objective-C is a convoluted language.
    • Ken says if you know C or C++ you’ll be good to go with Objective-C in a week or two.
    • James says Carmageddon raised money on a Kickstarter and is returning to a game consul near you.
    • Marcel said he used to play Math Blasters on DOS and they should have that on Android and iOS now. Ken said coincidentally he is developing an app for UBC to help students learn how to factor numbers.
    • Bob spills beer everywhere at the end of the show. Thankfully the iPhone was on a tripod and he moved his computer in time!
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