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 The Bunker Project Show 68 Notes:

The Bunkerettes are dancing right now during the intro…

Tons of show notes… but Bob was looking at the wrong notes.
We have Santa Claus on the voicemail feedback line and the Game Maven will be on the voice mail line as well…

@astridlistner Astrid Lister – The German Maven
@bsainsbury Bonnie Sainsbury – The Twitter Maven or The App Maven
@satomi_0522 Satomi Hirano – The Art Maven
Terry – The Locksmith Maven

It is the last Bunker Show for our German Maven – sadly she is going back to Germany to the Black Forest. But she brought some Black Forest Cake for us all to enjoy.

Bob asks Terry when he decided to be a locksmith… He comes from a long line of locksmiths.
Terry said they have some youtube videos about how to get out of your bathroom if you get locked in.

Andrew asks if there is a way to lock your chimney to keep Santa out.

Bonnie dropped her keys into an elevator shaft and had to call the locksmith.

We bring in Santa’s voice mail call to the show:

Santa said that Astrid will get something good for Christmas.
Andrew is getting eyebrow clippers
Bob is getting Black Beer
Arik won’t be called the European anymore
Kurt gets a new hat
James is with Santa now on a cruise…

Bob is wondering what is going on with the app that allows you to see through the clothing of department store catalog models. But it only reveals the other products that the models are wearing underneath (underwear).

Bob still thinks 3D is a big scam. Astrid liked Avatar… but not all movies in 3D.

We talk about augmented reality glasses that gives you a heads up display and can see all sorts of cool things… you can bring up your facebook profile, see local businesses as you walk through the city. Astrid said don’t use the glasses while your driving. Bob said you can if they make you drive better.

Andrew asks Bonnie if she likes the new Twitter look.
We talk about twitter and their lofty goals.

Bob talks about Google +

Andrew says he read that Twitter borrowed heavily from China’s version of Twitter with the new upgrades.

Twitter has a new “made for you” feature… which is copying G+ sparks.
Bonnie said if it didn’t work for Google… it will still be a loser!

Bob says he has researched all the Mavens online and he knows all the dirt.

Astrid is wondering how Bob is liking Google + and if they failed with G+ as a competitor to facebook.

Bob says Google + is beating facebook in adoption rate. But it is growing faster than facebook did initially because facebook paved the way and everyone knows the value of social network sites.

Bob believes Linked In will step up and get into the game more.

Astrid talks about the difference between North America and Europe as far as Social Media is concerned.

Bonnie is all business… no facebook personal stuff.
Bob is public…. he doesn’t mind the world seeing him with giant women.

Astrid has a very personal side to her facebook but not her private life.

Now we get into Beer Talk… Black Beer of course.

We talk tablets for a while…
Andrew talks about www.jabrdeals.com
Bob bought an android mini laptop through Jabr deals.

Bob likes Samsung…

Andrew says tons of tablets are coming out in the new year.
Bonnie says Ken and his partner have to match ASUS Transformers and Galaxy S II’s
She says there must be lots of money in Social Media.

Andrew says consumers see tablets as the perfect device for late evening use while watching TV.
And a couple social networks are banking on this by focusing on being the second screen. Using a tablet you will be able to like and comment on television programs. You will be able to interact with people live before, during and after a program.
Very cool…

Bob says Android has 10 billion apps downloaded now but how many are actually being used.

A good conversation about Mobile Phones:
Andrew says the choice in Smart Phones comes down iOS or a really high-end Android phone… don’t go for a low-end Android… you’ll regret it.

Bob asks the Lockmeister what he uses for social media.
He says he is a BIG APPLE FANBOY… and uses iPhones to invoice customers.

Terry likes the options for business apps on the iPhone vs the blackberry.
Bonnie loves Freshbooks.

Time for a call from James…

He called in from the North Pole and wants to know what the plans are for the German Maven.

German Maven said it is getting very emotional and she came to the Bunker Project for the first time back when we were temporarily at the St Regis Hotel. She said the Bunker Project was very welcoming and brought her in as The German Maven. She will miss the Bunker Show when she goes home. And the Bunker Project will miss her too!

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

Check out @BunkerLive for tweets and upcoming show topics. If you want to make a comment or suggest a topic let us know.


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About The Bunker Project
The underground Bunker Project is a meetup focused on Social Media, Internet Marketing, New Media an, Podcasting. Set in the Bunker at the Barklay Hotel on Robson St. in Vancouver, The Bunker Project will appeal to those looking for cutting edge social marketing and new media information and to those who just want to socialize over a beer and exchange thoughts and ideas about social media.

Members will have the opportunity to participate in the Bunker Project Podcast which is recorded live at every meetup.

Hope to see you soon at The Bunker!

Your Hosts,

Andrew McGivern & Bob Garlick

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