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 The Bunker Project Show 63 Notes:

This week we are upset because The Den is all out of the Black Beer…. so we are drinking other stuff!

Round Table Intros:

  1. Hashim from New York City – works in television as a web strategist and loves to use social media personally. Bob asks Hashim where his beer is… he will bring a beer to the Google Hangout next time.
  2. The Hat Maven (Kurt) is in the house
  3. The Gaming Maven (James) can’t talk about his news this time but he might be moving.
  4. The Video Maven (Doug) has a company mrdoughall.com
  5. The Insurance Maven (Margaret) is here to learn from us and bring us down to size a bit too
  6. The Car Maven (Ian) is working with car dealers in North Carolina and loves it.
  7. The Optimizer (Arik) is in the house. He likes to optimize everything.
  8. The German Maven (Astrid) is the house as well. She is a journalist and author.
  9. The Twitter Maven (Bonnie) is here as usual and it’s her birthday today! She talks about why they call her the twitter maven
  10. The Communications Maven (Marilyn) is here and says Mavens are usually female so we should watch what we are calling ourselves!

We are talking Video this week… so Doug is getting ready to let us know what is going on with his business which can be found over at www.mrdoughall.com.
Todd joins the Google Hangout. He maintains the CBC fan page. He joins us from a hotel room in Sun Peaks, BC. He is doing a presentation there. Bob says Todd should break open the mini bar…

Doug talks about his company breaking into video and wanted to bring the technology big corporations use and bring it to the masses. They developed a product for delivering video via email, video broadcasting, video conferencing, video subscriptions and more. Producing a video is apparently made easy…

Kurt asks a few questions and Bob brings up an example of another company doing a similar thing.

Doug explains how they have templates that make it easy to create.

Ian wants to know the cost…

Doug explains how the business works.
More questions from the hat maven…
and Ian and Bob all ask questions.

Bob and Ian want to know if it will integrate with Mail Chimp, Aweber or iContact.
Doug says yes… but they also have their own system.

Doug says they are operating in 120 countries.

Bonnie asks what the open rate is… apparently it is 84%. Which is huge… Doug says that the reason is the system is not designed for mass video sends but for personal messages. So people are using the system to send video messages to friends and family primarily.

Doug talks about the video conferencing service.

Kurt has some good points.

Doug talks about the future of video… 90% of internet content will be a video soon (2014) according to Cisco?

Andrew says you don’t have to buy a video camera anymore because everyone with a smartphone will have an HD video camera in their pocket.

Bonnie asks if the video starts automatically… Kurt says his inappropriate videos are always auto playing at just the wrong time. Doug says the videos don’t auto play.

Kurt talks about google juice issues… because google doesn’t scan video and audio content for keywords / search terms. Bob says wait a minute… this is email video so they don’t scan emails… Arik says oh yes they do! And also they are launching technology to scan video and audio content. Arik asks the question… when will this happen? Andrew says less than two years…

Doug says small to medium sized businesses are using the system for video auto responders and video email as well as video conferencing.

Doug says that the system has all sorts of video tutorials about how to record better videos and use the system. Arik wants to bring Doug to his next Meetup on this topic.

Andrew asks how detailed the analytics are… it shows who opened the video. But Andrew asks what if it is forwarded, forwarded again and forwarded again… does it track that?

Doug brings up a product called the Fusion Wall which is a public 3D wall of videos that are made public. Also, they integrate with social media sharing.

Astrid wants to know if there is a free version and what is the advantage of this product over youtube?
Doug says the system is integrated with email and delivered very professionally and easily.

Bob makes a good point on the ease of use issue.

Kurt says that Google is creating massive data centers which have become the livers and kidneys of the internet and how is the company structuring their systems.

Arik asks about the competitive market… who are the competitors?
Doug says the company, Talk Fusion has a good track record, debt free, forward thinking CEO, etc.

Kurt compares Talk Fusion to RIM with the proprietary system, awesome product and… Does Bob want to know how to gamify this video service?

Andrew brings up original content being developed for youtube…

The Game Maven hates to be a stick in the mud but he says he gets paid for his Youtube views so why should he use this service if he can make money using Youtube. Doug says he loves that question because they have an affiliate program with over 200 000 affiliates currently.

The Communications Maven asks if it is a 1 tier or 2 tier affiliate program? Doug says it is 7 tier program.
Marilyn says that under the law it is considered a Multi Level Marketing program if it is more than 2 tiers and can’t be called an affiliate program. Bob says it is the same thing. Maryln says that it shouldn’t be called an affiliate program because it may mislead people if they aren’t told it is an mlm program.

Doug explains a little more about the program and how it works. They pay people for referring friends and family to use the service. He talks about the details of the program and how much it costs for the various products.

The Gaming Maven wants to know if he can securely send video that he doesn’t want anybody to see?
Everyone kicks in on this.

Arik has a question for Ian about whether a car dealership could use this service…
Ian gives a very good answer about how video could be used for the dealerships.
Doug gives an example of how some of their clients are using the system at car dealerships…

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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