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The Bunker Project Show 62 Notes:

We didn’t get to our topic last week so this week we are going to tackle iOS 5, iPhone 4S and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ken is the only person in our Google Plus hangout this week to start off the show. But not for long… our buddy from Mexico is here on the show!

James is in the house with his Human to Cat App… He can speak to the phone and it will translate it to “Cat”.

Anil is here but has to leave to meet a girl… everyone makes a joke and offers advice.

Ken likes to drink Smithwicks… a gaggle of Smithwicks. Ken is joining us from his office.

Bonnie and Astrid join us on the hangout for this week.

Bob asks our Mexican buddy what he is drinking and it turns out it is H2O…

The German Maven is here to listen to us…

Ian mentions a rubber sidewalk for people who get kicked out bars they actually bounce!

Steve Jobs had approached dropbox but they turned them down. Kind of like Groupon turning down 8 Billion from Google… oops.

We talk about RIM offering $100 worth apps for free as a result of the service being down for a few days.

BBM’ers apparently sounds dirty.

RIM is rebranding the QNX OS and calling it BBX.

A few Windows Mobile and RIM jokes fly by…

Sony wants to break up with Erickson… Sony Erickson may be going down but what is going to happen to all the patents. Who gets what?

James believes it is a good idea for Sony to split from Erickson.

Andrew brings up the coolest Sony Phone… the Sony Zuma.

Astrid said excuse me… she burped I guess! 😉

Ian gives us his review of iOS 5 and the iCloud. Ian has 3 Macs and an iPhone. Ian gives us a run down on his computer industry past.

Margaret loves MAC but uses PC for work.

Ian says UNIX is the best OS in the world. The Kernal of iOS is UNIX… and LINUX is a cheap version of UNIX.

Bonnie said Siri will let you win if you speak nicely to her.

Ken has face recognition already on his ASUS computer.

We discuss the iCloud music service which will upgrade and legitimize your collection.

James brings up the newsstand – on iOS 5.
Ian likes the integrated facebook and twitter in iOS 5.

Bonnie doesn’t like cross posting.

James has an old tool… apparently.

The Camera in the iPhone 4s has an 8MP Camera and records in 1080p HD video. Bob says it makes no difference about the hardware… you still need to know how to take a good shot.

Margaret said e-readers are going down… Andrew and James disagree. Andrew says e-readers will stick around because reading on a tablet is hard on the eyes and you can’t read on an iPad or Android Tab in direct sunlight.

Bob says who cares about books… listen to podcasts and audible books. Andrew listens to podcasts and books too but loves his Kobo.

Bonnie is Tweeting…
Bonnie asks Margaret how she could be at the Bunker Project and Tweeting something at the same time.

Andrew asks if anyone uses Buffer App.
Ken used it but only for the automatic quotes…

Bob and Margaret don’t like quotes on Twitter.
Andrew says people have been retweeting his quotes.

Time for an ice cream sandwich!

James is going to a seminar to check out Windows 7.5 – Mango!

James talks about building apps for mobile phones using flash builder.

Bonnie likes the ice cream sandwich feature that monitors your data usage.
Bob likes the zero shutter lag feature in the camera.
James like the on phone photo editor.
Bob also is all over the improved copy and paste.
Bob is looking forward to pinch and zoom on the calendar.
Andrew likes Android Beam – NFC connection.
Andrew likes that you can disable carrier or manufacturer apps.

James wants to throw a wrench into the conversation. Something to do with liquid nitrogen and quantum meditators?

James wants to give a shout out to the fabulous waitresses here at The Den.

The Bunker Show has beaten the main bar in beer consumption this evening!

Bob says some of the Ice Cream Sandwich features are lame!
James says Bob’s solution for everything is G+

Andrew loves the syncing feature of chrome bookmarks.

Bob makes a Swype joke and wins the best bad joke of the night.

A little on social media and occupy Wallstreet and Egypt.

Bob is playing with Ian’s phone and is RSVPing to everything on his behalf.

James gets really angry… when Bob says teenagers might leave facebook.

Andrew brings out the stats… listen to the show to find out what % of teenagers will stay on facebook.

James says teenagers will always choose the counter culture option.

Ken asks Andrew to smack Bob due to another bad joke.

Kids with iPads perform better scholastically.
Is it because of the iPad or because they are richer?

Prezi for presentations…

The show ends with Bite Me Bob… the new theme of the Bunker Project tee shirt.

Adios for the week!

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

Check out @BunkerLive for tweets and upcoming show topics. If you want to make a comment or suggest a topic let us know.


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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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