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 The Bunker Project Show 60 Notes:

We can’t believe we are at episode 60!

The show starts with a guest joining us on our Google + hangout from London, England. Patrick is the guy who is putting the Jamaican scene from London on the internet.

Bob asks a Jamaican food question and gets put in his place about his international food knowledge.

Patrick talks about the special version of Guinness… Nigerian Guinness… which has a higher % of alcohol. Patrick talks about standard Guinness, Nigerian Guinness, imported Guinness… Andrew says Guinness book of world records.

With the Nigerian Guinness, we are mixing two cultures… Irish and Nigerian. And in the clubs, Patrick likes the stronger Nigerian stuff.

Andrew talks about the OK Springs Brewmaster Black… Bob makes a joke.

Patrick wants to know if the Brewmaster Black improves your sex life.

Bob asks if Patrick ever gets beat up while filming videos in the London nightclubs. Patrick says it is a very good question and no… he has been in the business for a while and knows what he is doing.

Bob tells a story about knocking someone out with is the camera.

Patrick did have to run for cover before in the past. A shooter entered the club and he tried to escape but the entrance was closed. He explains how he mustered up the courage to get out of there. It was the power of the Nigerian Guinness!

Andrew asks what tools he uses to get the stuff on the internet…


Patrick said youtube gave him a warning because his stuff is too raunchy and if your girl is giving you heck choose her friend so he is leaving youtube and going to the daily motion.

Apparently, on Daily Motion, you can get away with some raunchy stuff… just punch in red5599 and his stuff comes up.

Andrew asks if he is putting videos up elsewhere… he likes youtube and daily motion but is not using anything else. He uses Livestream as well and is putting some live action online.

Patrick brings up the f8 facebook keynote… and we tell him to listen to podcast episode number 59 of the Bunker Project. He likes live stream because Mark Zuckerberg used it for the f8 broadcast.

Bob asks if he can ask a racially sensitive question… it wasn’t racist at all… listen to the show to see what he asks! Bonnie wants to know what it has to do with Social Media… I had to cut out the answer.

Bob decides it is time to move on to another topic… A guy throws 4800 bottles with messages in them into the ocean. He gets 3100 letters back… The great response rate from all over the world. Andrew says Patrick should send his videos in a bottle. Patrick says nope… not going to do it. 100 years is too long, won’t be alive to get the response.

Bob asks how big Social Media is in London and what platform is the biggest.
Patrick says everyone is migrated over to facebook. He finds that Google + has very technical and creative people. The masses are still over on facebook. Google + may reach the tipping point at Christmas time when everyone is on holiday and has nothing else to do.

We all order some more beers…

Bob asks Patrick if he watches the Big Bang Theory. He watches it in the background with the sound off while he plays on the computer. He was talking with some techs and they were telling him about this new thing called the cloud…
Patrick asks if he stores porno movies on the cloud?

Cable and Satellite were big before the net… and the net was dominated by porn. But Bonnie says… not anymore. Social Media has surpassed porn. Patrick says porn is over because you can have real sex on facebook????

A new person joins us on Google + … Naina from Mexico is here. Bob asks if he is into Social Media in Mexico… he says he likes facebook for friends and family and google + he uses to meet new people. He said there is no way he could be talking to us now without G+.

Andrew asks where in Mexico he is… Mexico City… we have some feedback as the German Maven joins us on the G+ hangout. Naina’s real name is George…

Still, have the echo… trying to fix it.

The German Maven is going to have a job interview with a big blogging company. Bob wants to know what the company is called in German but Astrid says that many companies use English names… She says her visa is running out so she’ll be leaving Canada in a few months. She will be going to Italy and then back to Germany. She doesn’t like the German-French cheese so she drives across the border to pick up real French cheese in France. Germans have laws about everything including cheese and beer! Andrew mentions the Bavarian Purity laws…

Bob asks George what beer they have in Mexico… he likes Mexican beer… cold but without ice.

Getting the echo again… fixed it.

George says it has been a very strange day… he joined a hangout with a bunch of guys talking about sex and then he joins the Bunker hangout and the first thing he hears is Patrick talking about sex.

Bob asks what social networks are popular in Mexico… Mainly facebook and not even google + has taken off yet.

Patrick notices the lockers behind us during the show and asks if we are podcasting from the men’s lockerroom?

Bob asks what is the most popular time to use social media? Patrick says early in the morning… he tells a story about using social media while he is with his lady. George says that for young people in Mexico it is all happening in the later hours of the day.

Patrick talks about not being able to smoke in the bars anymore…
Andrew says you can always quit… Insurance Maven says if you quit you get better coverage.
Andrew mentions a Kevin Foxx smoking joke…

Patrick says if your vehicle is used for work you can’t smoke in your car.

The Insurance Maven talks about 10 questions for Critical Illness insurance questions… marijuana and hasheesh are excluded.

James is falling asleep and Bonnie is playing angry birds…

We switch gears and get into a couple of product reviews… Bonnie and Marilyn take it from here and discuss the Asus epad slider and the netbook.

Patrick keeps making funny comments during the review…. lol.

Bonnie put away the laptop and for the next 10 days, she will be using this device exclusively. Marilyn will be using the clamshell netbook for working in the cloud for the next 10 days. Both Bonnie and Marilyn will give us their full report after the 10-day experiment using these devices.

Bob asks Patrick what his favourite hardware is? He actually doesn’t like any of his stuff.

Astrid says that the technology side in Germany is more advanced… but on the Social Media side they are behind.
Astrid says they don’t look to the USA anymore for technology. They look to Asia and Russia. They are following China quite closely. A lot of engineers left Germany to work in China.

And the theme music kicks in as we reveal the secret bunker project hotline… 1-877-636-1474.

The hula dance is on to close off the show…

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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