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The Bunker Project Show 59 Notes:

We start off the show with Bob’s mic muted…

Bob asks people how many people have set up the facebook timeline yet?
He says he gamed his facebook wall by putting a custom image at the top.
We touch on the status ticker bar…

Craig Griffiths from down under joins the google hangout. But unfortunately we can’t get his audio to work on the hangout.

Bonnie neither likes the ticker bar or dislikes it.

Arik says he doesn’t dislike any of the changes. What he dislikes is that they put all the changes through all at once. He believes it is a very bad move to drop the changes on everybody.

Margaret says facebook has to be “loser friendly”… so that anybody can figure it out and right now it is not.

Bob and Andrew likes the Timeline… Bonnie doesn’t like it all. She uses facebook for business so she interested in the here and now… not the past.

Maryln brings up a good point about someone she knew who got a degree at McGill and then had to spend the whole summer trying to get his friends to untag or remove all the compromising pictures that were posted on facebook so he could get a job…
So for that reason she doesn’t like the Facebook Timeline…

Andrew says you can change your settings in facebook to prevent people from tagging you and putting the pictures on your timeline.

Arik says it is not a facebook problem, it is an online problem. Because the same thing can happen on flickr or Hi5 or whatever.

Bob says you have to understand that anything that you (or your friends) put on the the internet is public. He is teaching his kids about this…

Astrid doesn’t understand why people forget about the etiquette that they have face to face when they are online.

Leo Laporte says he is 100% transparent online and doesn’t filter anything so he is careful what he puts up.

Marilyn brought up a good point about regular people are now having to deal with the implications of celebrity which is a foreign concept to most of us.

Bonnie asks if Facebook should have an obligation to educate users about the consequences of using their service? Arik says no…

Bonnie says that facebook should have to disclose when they make changes in order to protect privacy, etc. Arik says facebook doesn’t owe anybody anything. They created a platform for people to be social free of charge. And they are not a government organization so they should be able to what they want.

Andrew brings up the fact that facebook has been forced to change due to government regulations all around the world.

[protected]Arik says always remember when your on facebook your in their house and they make the rules… don’t put your home on the web on someone else’s platform.

Next… a good talk about putting all your eggs in one basket… being careful which eggs you put in the baskets… who’s fertilizing your eggs… and be safe.[/protected]

Bob says don’t put anything up that you wouldn’t want your Mother to see.

Bob said he isn’t embarrassed by being carried around by giant, super strong women at a party.

The Subscribe Button:

Arik says it is too complicated… why call it subscribe when it is the same as the like button on a fan page. A lot of people will not like it because it adds another filter and makes facebook more complex.

Andrew brings up an article on Mashable that mirrors Ariks concerns.

Andrew likes the Timeline… likes the subscribe option for people who choose to activate it.

Bonnie likes the subscribe button and talks about the problem with facebook fan pages where you had to beg for followers…

Bob likes the personal page for solo-preneurs or personal brands and business pages for large companies.

Bonnie is excited about the Google + busineess pages when they launch them.

Arik brings up the business side of facebook – the advertising side.
Content friendly instead of social friendly.

Bob says that there are probably a lot of smart people working at facebook that are working on things behind the scenes to keep facebook relevant.

Arik doesn’t believe that people will learn how to figure out the new features.

Bonnie’s favorite facebook function is to remove all events from a person.

Andrew brings up that you can easily remove all content from apps as well. Also edgerank is rewarding engagement and sending non-engaging content to the black hole.

Bonnie brings up a good point about a lot of good content on facebook may be blocked because a lot of people are too lazy to participate.

Bob talks about repurposing Andrew’s content… like the wombcast!

Picture here….

And the hangout picture…

Bob asks if we think facebook made the changes as a result of Google +? Arik says that it happened too fast. It takes a long time to make changes like that… probably in development for a year.

And the music kicks in… the end of the show.

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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