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Podasting 101: Questions and Answers

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Live to Hard Drive here at the Creekside Community Center in Vancouver… And it is Podcasting 101 Q & A time!

Bunker Project Show Notes:

Podcasting 101 Q & A:

Katherine asks how to attach show notes and album art (logo) to a podcast. She wants to specifically how you get that information onto an MP3 file so it shows up while people are listening.

Bob brings up the appropriate file size images for smart phones, ipods and ipads or tablets.
Andrew recommends MP3 Tag for PC users and ID3 Editor for MAC users.
MP3 Tag is FREE and ID Editor is $15 to purchase.

Andrew and Bob discuss how to use the software. ID3 editor also allows you to put the whole show notes onto the mp3 file using the lyrics tag.

Katherine has another question: Do these tags work for SEO?

Google will be scanning audio and video content on the internet and therefore in the future (2 or 3 months maybe) and at that point having a podcast will be great for SEO because the audio content will be searchable.

For now tagging the audio file has a similar affect on SEO as tagging an image.

Andrew brings up a point about SEO focussing on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, etc. But people forget that iTunes is also a search engine and people go there because it is a directory of content where people search for content using search terms just like in a google search.

Satomi has a question about the connection between Libsyn and Feedburner?
Bob talks about what Libsyn and Feedburner do
Andrew brings up a point about Feedburner.

Another question:

How long should your podcast be?

Bob brings up the average commute time being around 40 minutes.
Andrew makes a point about quality vs qauntity. Don’t try and fill the show with poor content just to make your usual time. It is better to do a 30 min show filled with great content then 45 minutes with the last 15 minutes being filler content…

We talk about Allan Middletons University of Iowa, Lancaster study on podcasting. We recorded a Bunker Project Special Report episode and had a great conversation with Allan about his study!

We take another question from Lisa…

How do you make money with podcasting or is it just a branding opportunity for your business?

We discuss these methods for monetizing your podcast:

1.Charge for your show – Premium show only available to paid subscribers.
2.Make $$$ with ads placed in your show or on your blog or website where show is located.
3.Sell products or services on your show.
4.Get a sponsor – The Bunker Project has a great sponsor – Wix.com
5.Build a Community and then sell access to webinars, digital products or membership sites.
6.Give away a portion of episodes for free and charge for the rest.
7.Affiliate Marketing – Link to products using your affiliate code or keyword (disclosure is required).
8.Bluberry Ad network for podcasters – It is difficult to advertisers interested in a podcast with a small audience. But by joining a podcast network you can attract advertisers who are interested in adverising to people interested specifically in your topic. The advertiser pays for the pooled audience and everyone gets a share.

Bob brings up the fact taht a lot of pocasts fail due to the fact that money is the primary motivator for doing the show. You must be passionate about the topic in order for it to succeed. Don’t try to make money from your podcast from the start….
Andrew says that it you have to have a plan though. It is important to be strategic about the podcast and know in advance what you are doing it for. Just like anything else in your business.

Godfry has a question:

What about using dictation software for show notes?

Bob takes this question…
He talks about the pros and cons to using dictation software.

We mention how dictation software wouldn’t work on the Bunker Project chocolate pairing episode. We explain why… Too many Mmmms and Ohhhhhs… lol

Godfry has another question:

How much would a transcription cost… $$$?

Bob talks about Shane Gibsons Book and how he used a transcription service in India to covert his recorded audio into a book…. he explains in detail why it was more work than it should have been.

What would The Bunker Project sound like if it was transcribed word for word with background sounds inserted into the text? It would be interesting to see how an episode would “read”!

Bonnie (BS on Empire Avenue) has a question:

Would you recommend Blog Talk Radio to someone who is just starting off in podcasting because everything is taken care of for you?

Andrew says no… The audio quality is too low. Blog Talk Radio is telephone line conversation quality. Andrew believes that giving up control of your sound quality is enough of a reason to stay away from services like BTR.

One benefit to using Blog Talk Radio and other similar hosted services is the existing community on those platforms. By doing a BTR Show you may be exposed to the people already going to the service to listen to other shows and therefore may build an audience quicker than if you hosted your podcast yourself on your own site.

Andrew explains that the big downside to doing so is that you don’t own your shows RSS Feed. The feed is controled by Blog Talk Radio. So when you decide to upgrade your audio quality and leave BTR you leave your subscribers behind!!!

We talk about how you could use these platforms to play around with podcasting before you get serious about podcasting.

Thanks to Arik from Wix.com for inviting us to talk at the Vancouver Online Optimization Meetup.

We talk about how easy it is to make a mobile website using their Mobile Site platform
And we talk about the facebook fan page Wix.com platform. Very cool and easy to use!

We thank everyone for joining us and close off the live portion of the show….

… And we’re back! In the recorded portion of this show Andrew and Bob discuss their favorite podcast shows they listen to and why!

Andrew’s current favorite show is Social Media Today (The School of Social Marketing)

Dr. Ron Capps (The Nicheprof) and Ken English (The Media Mojo Guy) talk about social marketing tools “live” every Sunday morning at 9:30 PST.

Andrew thinks it is funny that his current top pick is a Blog Talk Radio show despite saying earlier in the show that he doesn’t recommend the platform.

Andrew explains why he listens to this show…

Bob’s #1 pick is Diggnation

Kevin Ross (founder of Digg.com) and Alex Albright are the co-hosts.
They talk about the top headlines on Digg.com while drinking a ton of beer!

Andrew’s next show is the Podcast Answer Man with Cliff Ravenscraft (GSPN)… although with each episode he is learning less and less. Bob brings up that this is due to the basic technical knowledge of podcasting being finite and after 200 + episodes there is only so much to say.

Despite this, Andrew still loves the show and puts it near the top of his list.

The next one on Andrew’s list is Business Tech Weekly (another GSPN show) with Cliff Ravenscraft and Andy Traub.
All about how to use Technology as a Solopreneur or Small Business Owner.

Bob’s next show is This Week In Google with Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis.
Great show focussed on everything Google, etc.

Andrew and Bob both like TWIG and TWIT ( This Week In Tech ) and Andrew also listens to Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte and Paul Thurot

Bob’s next show is This American Life by Ira Glass, an amazing guy who has been a broadcaster since 1978. There are 27 people credited in producing his shows so Bob says don’t be disheartened if you are burning out a little from producing your show. Because your doing 27 peoples work!!!

Andrew’s next pick is Smart Passive Income podcast with Patt Flynn.
Also brings up Internet Business Mastery and Outsourcing Life Podcast.

Bob likes the MAC Power Users podcast with David Sparks and Katie Floyd. The show is all about optimizing the MAC experience to make it more efficient.

Andrew’s next show is Learn French by Podcast.
Did you know you can learn another language by listening to a podcast?
Great short little lessons on speaking French.
They also launched another show: Learn German by Podcast.

Bob’s next show is How Stuff Works with Josh and Chuck…
If you ever wanted to know how to shrink a human head and other cool stuff this is the show for you!

Andrew brings up an email he received from Bob which had the top podcasts of 2010 and the title of the email was Man… I’m going to have no time. Andrew asks Bob if you subscribed to any of these shows…

Bob likes the Ricky Jervais Show….

Other shows we listen to:

The Audacity to Podcast
The Podcasters Studio
Shane Gibsons Social Media Show
Zen Blogcast
Blogcast FM
Tech News Weekly
MAC Break Weekly
This Week In Photography
Stuff you should know
Today in Social Media

Thanks for listening to the show… Andrew is still in the south of France and will be returning soon… He is already looking forward to the next Bunker Project!

See you next time… At the Bunker (Den) or in RSS land!

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