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Where do we find good Poutine in Vancouver

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Are we on episode 44 or what?
Start off talking in Japaneserish… Satomi says I can only speak to Bob…

Satomi is in the house… Game Maven…

We talk about the Canucks winning the first game of the Stanley Cup finals so the city is happy.

James mentions that servers will make 200 % more tips… Andrew agrees.
A happy customer is a paying customer.

Raincoaster is in the house… teleported from Yellowknife.
Raincoaster says Yellowknife is the sunniest place in Canada… James retorts.

Andrew and Bob start singing “We are here for a good time not a long time” by Trooper but Raincoaster puts an end to that really quick!

Raincoaster gives us a lesson on Tumblr… she would never teach Tumblr as a blogging platform except for people in prison? But she likes it as a public filing cabinet and the raincoaster says the “Post to Tumblr” feature is Awesome!

Satomi asks about Tumblr because her blog is on Tumblr…

Raincoaster says that Tumblr has no google juice… and Bob is a robot.
Raincoaster doesn’t automate she has tweeted all her 88 000 tweets herself!

Bob has a question about Social Media being relentless with an onslaught of new platforms, concepts and more.

Raincoaster brings up Referral Key as a spam engine. Others are like this too!

Satomi is wondering what we mean by spam….

Bob talks about marketing mechanisms… pre-scripted “are you looking for new clients” messages.

James says there are 16 different types of Spam in Hawaii !

Andrew doesn’t like Spam or Spam. Bob agrees. James loves Spam but hates the other Spam.

Andrew wonders why people still follow the Internet Marketers who spam their list…

James asks how much we’ve made on adsense… Andrew made over $40 and Bob says he made $400 but then reveals it is those $50 adsense credits… He likes to keep them in his wallet.

Bob wants to talk about Angry Birds coming to Roku….

We talk about Lorraine’s Raincoaster brand and whether or not she’ll rebrand to Icecoaster… she will probably stick with Raincoaster but she has registered Icecoaster… We’ll see what she does.

Raincoaster says she is a psycho tweeter.

Back to Angry Birds… the Gaming Maven gives his opinion.
He says it was only a matter of time and it makes perfect sense. They’ve got the back story and the villains, etc.
James and Bob talk about Roku… Bob says get a High-Speed connection and ditch your TV and get Roku. James says Angry Birds will really help Rrrrrroku!

Bob loves spicy Tofu… with Roku you can watch Netflix as well… hmmm.

Bob wants to know what is up with Mark Zuckerburg?
Andrew says the best Poutine in town is The House of Poutine on Dunsmuir… James says Fritz? and Raincoaster has her own favorite Poutine place with short rib poutine…
It’s a poutine invasion… James doesn’t like squeaky cheese???
Andrew says without the gravy it is just tine…

If your in France… If your in Ireland…. If your in Calgary… bla, bla, bla…

Ok… now we’re talking about hotdogs… Japadog!

Location-based social networks… is it cool or silly…
Raincoaster doesn’t like it… when foursquare first came out you would get something for being on a mayor on foursquare… now it is just something to do.

Raincoaster talks about who’s weiner is it… didn’t have to zoom in???

Satomi asks what foursquare is… and says who cares after she learns what it is all about… everyone agrees on this one.

Bob brings up that a high proportion of facebook posts have profanity… Bob wonders if profanity is still considered profanity these days…

James says you can say anything on facebook and there are a lot of profanity on regular TV even before 9pm.

Satomi says she is Naive… Andrew thought she was Japanese…

Shared taboos have a bonding effect. Lazy communication is destroying the earth…

Andrew wants to know what La Web is?

Raincoaster was born in France on a Canadian Military Base… and now she is going to Yellowknife.

La Web is an awesome social media conference in Europe. The biggest thing in the world next to South by South West. Bob wants to know if anybody cares. Bob watched it streaming over the internet.

Are we back on Mushrooms?

And now Wix.com, our sponsor…
Bob loves the facebook page functionality of Wix.com
And the mobile Wix.com application is cool… Andrew digs it too!

Go to Wix.com and see how cool it really is!

Sign up to the Vancouver Online Optimization Meetup Group…

Bob talks about his “Your Marketing Sucks” talk at ESN and Online Optimization…

Call of Duty… extra features…

Erick Schmidt names the gang the four kings of consumer technology… and microsoft is excluded from this list…

And the show is over… the outro music is playing… Call 1-877-636-1474 to join the show…
Sign up for our mailing list… see you next week.

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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Wix.com is the most popular website builder in the world.

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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