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Bummer… the Vancouver Canucks Lose the Stanley Cup Finals

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We start The Bunker Project right after the unfortunate loss of the Vancouver Canucks… but our spirits are still up… They had a great season, Western Conference Champions and pretty much number one in every category. Just didn’t get the Stanley Cup this year… 🙁 But there is always next year…

Bob says this all old news because we record the show in advance… apparently, the current news may be a cricket game that just took place.

Bob talks about our technical difficulties… he forgot his show notes and I forgot the digital recorder but I do have the USB Audio Adapter which gives us redundancy and we are able to go on with the show… We blame our children for ineptitude and early stage Alzheimer’s disease.

The Black Beer has arrived so we all say Yaaaah!

@Twisted_Majick is following the Twitter feed and announces that a car that was lit on fire when the riot broke out just exploded… just a couple blocks from Andrew’s place (Studio 604). Our spirits are sinking because we all thought that Vancouver was better than this in 2011.

We have a special guest all the way from Europe! Bob makes a joke that Arik must know him… because he is from Europe (as Bob likes to joke). Bob describes where Arik is really from and @Twisted_Majick is shaking his head in disgust as he watches the Twitter feed…

Bob says this is old news but Andrew says it is live for us and Bob say it is social media in action. James (@Twisted_Majick) says someone fell off Rogers Arena and had to be taken to the hospital. Andrew talks about the crazy people hanging off the building across the street when the Canucks won game 6… people taking crazy risks… Andrew and Bob argue about whether they were blonde or brunette.

Satomi points out that we are in a digression… time to drink. Bob talks about getting a digression sponsor. Arik says way to turn your weaknesses into strengths! Bob wants to get paid for each spelling mistake!

James says all these idiots are getting tagged with facial recognition software and will get nailed… we agree and Bob moves the show along…

We segway into our voicemail feedback from Craig Griffiths from Australia and he has a theory about facebook and how WE are the product not facebook. The users are actually the product.
We thank Craig calling in and share our thoughts on his idea. >> Instant data about what your prospects are interested in right now.

James says facebook is becoming the police’s best friend as people are getting recorded destroying the city…

Bob talks about little square things… pixels.

Photography is supposed to be fun and Bob says that if you’re not playing and enjoying it your doing it wrong.

Andrew asks Arik why he thinks Authenticity is on the bottom of his list when looking for someone to hire as a Social Media or Marketing consultant… Bob agrees that people who call themselves Social Media expert or Guru’s turn him off too.

James reports that there are riots in Boston too…

Bob decides we should look at the show notes on google docs because the paper version is on Bob’s kitchen table.

Andrew brings up Social Media Camp… Bob and Arik both attended the conference in Victoria and they set up a tent and interviewed tons of people in the tent. The organizer mentioned the tent in his keynote speech. Arik said that Social Media Camp was good for beginners looking for basic information. For him, it was the networking aspect that he really enjoyed. He met some really good peeps and found it very valuable.

Bob talks about Hootsuite… and Arik mentions that Kemp Edmonds from Hootsuite will be coming to do a talk at his Online Business Optimization Meetup Group. Very cool!

Bob gives top marks to Arik’s Meetup Group for being focused and informative not like other Meetups which lack focus and involve black beer and… chocolate covered bacon? Arik wants to do a Meetup on how to set up a podcast soon.

James says that the riot has moved closer to Andrews place… We talk about how every time the Bunker Project was on while the Canucks played they won. Oh well… James says the difference between 1994 and now is that the riots are in HD this time.

Andrew says that when the Canucks lost we do a podcast… some people go home and play video games… or watch a movie… whats up with going crazy and blowing things up.

Bob mentions the police should use Mustard Gas… Andrew says Dijon Mustard Gas… Arik says we are making too big a deal of the riot… He said in Israel this little riot would be nothing.

We are talking about streaming music now… Pandora, Google Music, etc… Bob asks what we think of them… Andrew says NONE of them work in Canada and goes on a rant about cool services like Netflix (less content in Canada), Google Voice (not available) and Amazon kindle store is nothing compared to USA store.
Andrew mentions he bought a Kobo… Bob says forget about reading books go to Audible.com to listen to books… Andrew says it is a great option for podcast listeners because they are listening anyway. Andrew mentions that if you use our link we get beer money…

Andrew likes Crush It by Gary Vaner Chuck because he narrates the book himself. James saw him speak in Vancouver and said he was great.

Bob says fire the multi-taskers and hires them back when they can learn to do one thing at a time.

Andrew is back on the Kobo and talks about the books he is reading… Andrew’s better half is sending him text messages because she is so sad about what is happening in Vancouver.

James says George Mohen, CEO of Blenz Coffee tweeted out asking people to report damage to his coffee shops so he can know what he has to deal with. James and Andrew say that George is totally into Social Media and is making it happen… Bob says that George out marketed Coca-Cola during the Olympics without spending the millions of dollars that they did. Bob goes on a rant but still loves George…

More on coffee shops… Blenz is kicking butt on Social Media.. destroying Starbucks and Waves is doing well too.

Bob starts talking about Werewolves… Andrew starts turning into one.
James likes Werewolf (the game) and says there has to be someone running the game. He explains how it works… Andrew keeps getting text messages from Valerie (sending news about the riot getting closer to home). “Richards street… everything is on fire… please baby be careful when you come home” Now only one block from Andrew’s apartment. More on the Werewolves, the Priest and the Village People… Arik is in if there are innocent victims.

Bob wants to talk about comics… Steve Jobs bio in comic format coming out.
Arik says there is an interesting comic company in Japan with the news in Manga form in order to attract kids to the news.

Bob talks in length about Japanese Manga… and here comes the news from @Twisted_Majick who announces the rioters have overturned police cars now… our visiting tourist is not too happy to hear about this… he is here to play golf and says he is going to kick some ass. He loves Black Beer… Andrew likes the tourist because he loves black beer.

Bob was in Bangkok during the riots with tanks on the street… Andrew says he won’t be able to flag down a tank to get a ride home. @Twisted_Majick says the police have given a ten-minute warning to leave downtown before they use force.

Andrew says what if 28 days later is happening across downtown… Pizza for Zombies.

Andrew is calling the end of the show without Tristan speaking this time…

Thanks to Wix.com for sponsoring the show… the number one website development platform on planet earth! We talk about how they became the number one facebook landing page platform as well (in a matter of weeks).

And that’s a wrap… see you next week.
Call us at 1-877-636-1474… are you the product?

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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Wix.com is the most popular website builder in the world.

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