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Podcasting Is A Great Way To Network!

I started podcasting because I wanted to share with people that follow my newsletter, social networks, etc.. that people are doing a lot of fun and cool things out there in this digital world. Selfishly, I also wanted to talk to people that inspire me and in some form this has been a chance for me to be mentored by them while giving them a platform to engage with my audience which they may not otherwise reach. Fair exchange. I’m grateful for all of those opportunities and look forward to many more.

Where Do You Begin?

When it comes to starting a podcast, not everyone has a huge budget … not everyone is ready to put that kind of money into podcast equipment. In this book, we’ll talk about the basic podcasting gear you’ll need to get started? It is important that you have some decent recording equipment. For podcasters…at least to start and the ‘good-enough’ package is usually just a good USB mic and a few other tools.

The Quick and Dirty Podcasters Guide: Podcasting on a Budget | Books for Podcasters

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