The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting: A Manual for Nonconformists


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Podcasting. It is a phenomenon that has changed the face of media through the popularity of listen-on-demand content, and since the early 2000s, it has been used both by major broadcasters, as well as those who seek to reach audiences from the comfort of their own homes. But the fact is, even more people could be doing it, if not for the idea that it’s just too difficult to learn how to produce a podcast, or that it’s too expensive to put time and money behind. Dispelling these misconceptions, podcaster Micah Hanks unravels the mystery behind “the art of the podcast,” and offers a unique perspective on how the medium can be used as a promotional or entrepreneurial endeavor, even while traveling. He explores the ways podcasting can be done effectively on a budget, and the different methods and equipment involved. Teaching readers how to use the medium to engage like-minded thinkers and broaden one’s own horizons, Hanks explains why podcasting is more accessible and rewarding than ever before; whether you’re a hobbyist, or someone who hopes to launch a new business or promote an existing one. But be warned: This book is not for the average would-be audio enthusiast. If you’re a free-thinker, and a nonconformist spirit willing to throw yourself to the lions in the quest for reaching new personal horizons, this is the book that will help you learn the art of maverick podcasting.

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