Make Money Podcasting: How to Start, Grow, Monetize and Syndicate a Podcast


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If you’re looking for a guide that walks you through how to start a podcast, you’re absolutely in the right place.Starting a podcast isn’t difficult, but there are a number of steps you’ll need to go through in order to get it launched let alone grow it and make you money and get your voice and message into the world. In simple terms, it is easier to fight for ears then it is for eyes. As podcasts continue to explode in popularity, more and more people are jumping in head-first and creating new shows, in an effort to leverage themselves as industry experts, build an audience, connect with more influencers, build personal brands and boost exposure for their businesses. Need more: Podcasting is a much less crowded and competitive space than blogging, making now the perfect time to get started. There are just over 700K podcasts, but over 440 million blogs! As of 2019, there are more than 23 million channels. In case you’re wondering, I’ve helped thousands of people start a podcast in the last several years and have started a couple of shows in different industries myself and have been invited to No.10 Downing Street twice due to my podcast and the first person in the world to sell my show, Not Another Crypto Show in under 8 months. Do not trust me, Google Jason Allan Scott! I was not even a podcaster to start but an entrepreneur and event professional. A lot of people are also now successfully using podcasting as an additional revenue stream for their businesses and for themselves as individuals. If you too are interested in making more money from podcasting, get this book and message me and let my team and I help you get your voice and your message into the world. Just a few of the things you’ll learn:What to podcast aboutEquipment you’ll needHow to record & editHow to promote your podcastPodcast sponsorships. …Relationships. …Increase the sales of your products and services. …Coaching. …Affiliate marketing. …Books and audiobooks. …Crowdfunding. …Virtual summits.Etc.Get started today!

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