Let’s Talk Podcasting: The Essential Guide to Doing It Right


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Since cutting her teeth in Canadian radio, Amanda Cupido has become an award-winning podcast producer and certified podcasting expert. Her personal and practical new guide covers all the tips, tricks, and tools a fledgling podcaster needs to succeed in the industry from her own fresh, illuminating, and often humourous insider’s perspective. New to podcasting? Here’s how to do it right. In Let’s Talk Podcasting, seasoned podcast producer Amanda Cupido gives you the inside scoop on this burgeoning industry’s biggest players and— more importantly—how you can join them. Leading with a solid foundation of podcasting’s history and significance in our increasingly content-hungry world, she provides an invaluable insider’s perspective on what makes top-rated podcasts so successful, where the medium is headed in the future, and everything you need to start your own podcast today. With sharp wit and plenty of illuminating anecdotes from her own foray into podcasting professionally, Cupido has written the book that every podcast aficionado will wish they’d had when they first started out. The perfect blend of insight into the industry and practical advice for beginners, Let’s Talk Podcasting will have you ready to hit record in no time. • A ONE-STOP RESOURCE FOR ASPIRING PODCASTERS: From covering its history, to laying out the current scene, to predicting what’s next, Cupido tells readers everything they need to know to become podcasting experts themselves. Her practical and thoughtful advice on the technical aspects of podcasting make it accessible to aspiring podcasters at any level. • A FOCUS ON MONETIZATION: Cupido’s new book not only ensures that readers will be able to start their own podcasts with ease, but also emphasizes that podcasting can be a career. She covers how podcasts are monetized and gives helpful tips on how to create/sell ads for your own. • AN INSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE: Cupido paints a picture of the current podcasting landscape with an insightful, witty insider’s perspective. Whether she’s sharing her knowledge of podcast heavyweights or recounting the steps she took to produce her own award-winning podcasts, Cupido does it with the kind of strong, authentic voice you would expect from a seasoned audio storyteller.

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