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(Real Fast Results Book 96)

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast! This episode actually revolves around the whole podcast movement and what is going on for content creators. Today’s special guest is Dan Walton. He is the creator and founder of Cast.Market, which enables podcasters and potential sponsors to explore the podcast landscape. With it, you can track any show’s popularity across time and by geographic region. These are important metrics for people who run podcasts.

While creating this service, Dan discovered new insights on what drives listeners to shows. So, in addition to providing the democratic data that it does, Cast.Market is launching a brand new advertising network, which breaks down the barriers of podcast advertising. Dan believes that by connecting sponsors and advertisers in an efficient and automatic way, he can make podcasting more productive for everyone. Welcome to the show Dan…

Promise: We’re going to talk about how to improve podcasting and how to improve your show, if you’re a podcaster. Also, we’ll discuss how to get your message out about what you are doing, through podcasting.

How to Get Your Message Out by Sponsoring a Podcast on the Cheap | Books for Podcasters

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