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Bob and Andrew chat with Tod Maffin about Reputation Management.

Tod Maffin joins us on Maven Interviews for another great episode. Our first repeat guest on the show. Check out the first interview with Tod on Viral Content marketing.

Tod is half stand-up comic and half performance artist and can bring people to his feet at events as early as 7 am.

Reputation management is very important to businesses today because they need to know how to handle an attack. By attack, Tod isn’t referring to a physical attack against corporate property or staff but rather negative comments that can damage a companies reputation.

Part of what Engage Q does is help you make sure your company doesn’t get attacked but no matter what you do you will eventually get attacked.

Tod tells us how he was attacked by the internet back when he hosted a podcast called How To Do Stuff. This podcast was the 11th podcast ever! He interviewed people about how to do interesting things. One of the episodes he did was how to get upgraded to business class without paying for a ticket. He said this trick would only work on flights that were completely full and if you get on the plane at the last minute. He explains in detail how this works. Very interesting.

He ended up getting a lot of funny comments at first but it got ugly shortly after that.

This experience helped him develop his SWARM technique.

S – Speak like a human

Don’t speak to people in grandiose terminology. Speak as you would actually speak to someone. If you speak like a human you can usually diffuse the situation.

W – Win-Win

People want something to happen when they complain. So give them something.

A – Avoid a public fight

Don’t get into a tit for tat. Take the conversation offline asap.

R – Right the Wrongs

If someone says something that is inaccurate don’t hesitate to correct the record.

M – Make Friends

Follow up afterwards and make sure to show them that you remember their complaint and have taken steps to improve.

Bob asks how can you educate management to pitch them on the importance of reputation management?

Tod said that the best way is to scare them with case studies.

Tod put together a website that has aggregated a ton of case studies. Check it out at http://www.casestudiesonline.com.

Who should be taught how to manage the companies reputation? The owner? Sales people?

Tod said that any person that is going to be dealing with the public should be trained on reputation management.

About Tod Maffin:

  • President of engageQ, a digital marketing training and consulting firm
  • National technology columnist for CBC
  • Author of three books
  • Speaks to more than 40 conferences around the world each year
  • Founder and CEO of MindfulEye, a multi-million dollar artificial intelligence firm

Tod has a few projects on the go. He is currently writing a new book and every summer he does an online training class throughout August. He is giving us a special discount for Maven Interview listeners. Use the promo code ‘Maven’ to get the discount.

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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