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Google and PRX aim to increase diversity in podcasting

Google Podcasts and PRX have come together to help underrepresented people in podcasting get their start. Although it isn’t rocket science, podcasting isn’t easy either. To help people who otherwise may not launch a podcast, Google and PRX have come up with a plan.

Earlier this year, Google launched the Google Podcasts app with a goal to help more people discover podcasts around the world. When Google announced the Google Podcasts app they said they have the goal of doubling listenership.

But they noticed that the people producing podcasts are primarily from the western hemisphere and women and people of colour are underrepresented.

Traditionally, podcast production has been the realm of geeks and the technically savvy. In the old days of podcasting (only 15 years ago) you had to know how to hand code an RSS Feed. Today you can start a podcast without even knowing what is an RSS Feed.

New entrants like Anchor are making it easier to get started with podcasting.

If you’re interested in checking out the Google Podcasts Creator Program you can apply here. Applications are being accepted until November 18th.

Once the application period ends, an advisory committee will select the winners who will receive funding, training, and mentorship to help them produce the next big podcast hit. They will have two rounds of training and the first round begins in January 2019.


Promoting inclusive storytelling with the Google Podcasts creator program

Promoting inclusive storytelling with the Google Podcasts creator program


Podcasting has quickly become one of the best ways to share and listen to stories, but its future depends on a diverse array of stories, voices and creators. With the launch of the Google Podcasts app in June, we’re working to make it easier for people around the world to find and access podcasts. While there are more podcasts than ever before, there continues to be an imbalance in who is creating them. Women and people of color are still underrepresented as hosts, and many of the world’s most popular podcasts hail from western, urban areas. In June we announced the Google Podcasts creator program, which aims to support these underrepresented voices in podcasting, and make it easier for people to learn how to get into this growing medium.

Beginning today, through November 18th, the application window is official open globally for the first round of the Google Podcasts creator program, which will kick off in January 2019. We’re partnering with one of the best in the podcasting industry, PRX, who will lead and manage the program. PRX has demonstrated a long-time commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the space. As a pioneer of the podcasting space, PRX will lend this valuable expertise to the podcasters in the program.

The Google Podcasts creator program is focused on three main pillars: empowering and training underrepresented voices through an accelerator program, educating a global community with free tools, and showcasing participants’ work as a model for others. PRX, alongside a global advisory committee, will select teams to receive mentorship, seed funding, and an intensive 20-week training. Applications will be accepted from around the globe. You can learn more and apply to the program on PRX’s Google Podcasts creator program website. Read full article


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