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MP3 Editor for Podcasters

The people behind the popular iOS podcast app, Overcast, have come out with a new tool for podcasters.

Forecast is a Podcast MP3 editor that not only tags your MP3 files but can add chapter marks and has some automation built into it as well.

It is currently in beta and is only available for MAC.

Forecast MP3 podcast editing tool

Podcasting is a lot of fun but there are some tedious tasks that can be time consuming and boring.

Forecast was developed to help podcasters streamline this part of the podcast production workflow.

Automating MP3 Tagging

Forecast will automatically add your podcast album artwork, title, and description to your MP3 file.

For this to work, you need to name your WAV files with the same prefix and numbering system consistently. For example, the bunker project episode could be tbp100.wav and Forecast would automatically know that this file is for the Bunker Project show and will add the correct artwork and episode number.

Forecast also auto fills common URLs and images for chapter titles which can save editing time.


MP3 Chapters

Forecast makes it easy to add chapters to your podcast episodes.

Chapters make it easier for podcast listeners to selectively listen to segments in your show.

If you aren’t interested in having chapters in your show you can still use this feature to show time stamps of what you are speaking about at different points throughout your show. Many podcast players support links to a point in the show. And you can also have different images and URL’s displayed at different points in the show.


You can use markers in your audio editor to automate your chapter marks. Forecast can import each marker as a chapter.

Forecast uses the LAME encoder

The LAME encoder is a good MP3 encoder. I prefer the Fraunhofer encoder but to be honest I find it difficult to tell the difference between the two. So I wouldn’t avoid this product just because it uses the LAME encoder.

Other cool features

Forecast will give you a warning if you leave silence within your show which will save you time re-editing and uploading your show after your listeners let you know you messed up!

Quick-copy your file length and size specs and paste them into your show notes page or hosting account.

And more…

If you use a MAC and want to try out this cool new application then go and get the beta version for free here:







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Andrew McGivern

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