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Show 160 The Norm Returns

The Bunker Project episode 159

The Bunker Project is recorded with a live interactive studio audience. Join us for a show in person in downtown Vancouver or via Google + Hangout. Or watch live on Hangouts On Air.

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Mavens in the house:

Andrew McGivern   @podcasthero

Bob Garlick            @bobgarlick

Marcel Lapointe      Retired From the Internet

Bonnie Sainsbury     @bonniesainsbury

Margaret Reynolds    @bc_insurancegal

Now onto the feature content:

This week on The Bunker Project we have a ton of voicemail feedback so we get into the questions!

Bonnie has a few new projects that she cant talk about most of them just yet. One of her projects is to create a blog in a niche that she is not an expert in. She is going to be public about the monetization process of building the blog. Her community on facebook will benefit from her case study by using it as a resource.

Today she talked about two resources: JVZoo and WSOs and Andrew put a comment on that post -> warning: WSO’s and JVZoo’s can be highly addictive.

Bonnie is planning to make some $$$ from this new niche site.

Bonnie also took a search course from Google. She liked the graphic search before. She learned how to search within a URL properly.

Bob talks about how he uses Google Power Searching.

Margaret has been writing Amazon Books and has 4 eBooks published so far. She has written about Gluten Free, Anti-Aging, De-Cluttering and more.

Bob asks Margaret if she is using the books to attract an email list. She hasnt done that and isnt into it at the moment.

Margaret says that Bonnie and she will be calling into the Bunker Show from Panama or Costa Rica when they cash out in their new business.

We talk about the Lifestyle Business model where you dont actually have to be rich to live a lifestyle traveling and enjoying a 9 to 5 free life. All you need is a small consistent monthly income that is location independent.

We talk about how Google Hangouts are great for building community.

Norm Calls in and brings up how all our information is out there on the internet.

Margaret says the info is only out there if you put it out there. Andrew and Bob say that your info is being mined whether you are making it easy for them or not.

Bob advises criminals to stay off the internet.

Norm calls in to say that it is amazing that Social Media is only 8 years old.

Bonnie believes email forums and online bulletin boards were a form of Social Media. They performed a lot of the functions that modern Social Networks do. She said that the only real difference is that Facebook has a graphical interface.

We talk about MSN, ICQ, Classmates.com, Myspace and of course Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Bonnie said the mainstream tech bloggers are predicting the end of social media. That there is crazy talk. Social Media is constantly evolving but isnt dying.

We talk about how the end of Net Neutrality could destroy Social Media by preventing new start-ups from entering the market.

Andrew said that it is not, shame on the Telcos and Cable Companies they are doing what they should be doing which is looking after their own interests. It is shame on us we didnt stick up for an open internet so we should be pointing the finger at ourselves.

Norm calls in again to talk about the FCC and how the new commissioner is slanted to the big companies and Net Neutrality in the United States.

Andrew said that if there was a lot of competition the government could stay out of the business but since the companies are basically government sponsored duopolies

Norm calls in to talk about his second favorite podcast The Tech Guy the Bunker is his first favourite. He said that it looks like it is just as bad in the USA for lack of competition in the ISP space.

We basically covered this one so on to the next one.

Norm calls in to say he really is interested in switching to Android but the only thing he doesnt like is that dang Google Play store with so many apps that dont work if you dont have a US address.

We are not sure what he is talking about. Andrew thinks that he is talking about apps like Spotify, Pandora, and others. Some apps have content restrictions that have more to do with license rights and not the Play Store itself.

We talk about the internet police and how we should be worried because we are all guilty of something if they want to target us. And we get into getting into medical marijuana.

Norm called back to talk about cell phones and how Nokia is being gobbled up by Microsoft and Apple is losing market share to Android.

We talk about the One Plus One, the Nexus 5 and other Android options.

We also talk about Phone Blocks and Project Araya. Great concept.

Norm called in a while back to debate Mac or PC but this time he is thinking Laptop or Tablet. By tablet, he is referring to a Windows 8 Pro tablet.

Bob said that a little Android tablet doesnt help him out at all. He can do anything that that device does on his smartphone. He is interested in the larger Windows Pro tablets where he can do real work with lots of inputs.

Andrew talks about how Microsoft finally got it right with Universal Apps.

Bonnie said that it all depends on Norms preference.

Andrew talks about the Ultra Station with the Worm Hole switch.

Marcel asks what can a friend of his (who just started a business) do to improve his SEO for his brand new website.

Bob suggests answering questions on his site that people are searching for in that niche.

Bonnie suggests doing Pay Per Click Ads to get traffic to the site.

Marcel asks what Andrew did at TAC Mobility to optimize their locations for local search. Andrew explains how to claim your Google + Local page and optimize the listing for your business category. Add pictures, video and get genuine reviews.

Bonnie suggests that he also do something highly interactive with his facebook page.

Next week we will talk about how Business Owners really do need to have a basic understanding of Social Media so that they know when to call BS. So well see you next week same bunker time same bunker feed.

And that is it for another episode of the now infamous Bunker Project show.

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Your Hosts,

Andrew McGivern & Bob Garlick

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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