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If I had a podcast I would talk about @#$%


The Bunker Project is recorded with a live interactive studio audience. Join us for a show in person in downtown Vancouver or via Google + Hangout. Or watch live on Hangouts On Air.

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Bunker Project Episode 136: If I had a podcast my show would be about…

Summary: These weeks Round Table question is “If you don’t already have a podcast or web show what you talk about? We spend a great deal of the show talking about the podcast or the web show that we would like to do. Then we get into some serious questions for Bonnie on how to build Online Influence. We end the show with a solid Gaming with James segment.

Bunker Mavens in attendance:

Bonnie Sainsbury @bsainsbury

Margaret Reynolds @bc_insurancegal

Andrew McGivern @podcasthero

Bob Garlick @bobgarlick

James Karg @twisted_majic

Ken @KenAMcG

JJ McCullough @JJ_McCullough

Byron @byrohlpearl

MattAlana Sabourova @alanasabourova

Bevan Thomas @bthomasa

Norm (The Norm Maven) via voicemail feedback

Randall Orser @numbercrunchers


Listen to the episode and read the full show notes to get all the details.

Show 136 – If I had a podcast I’d talk about @#$%

Round Table Intros:

Round Table Intro Question: Name, Twitter Handle, and your podcast / web show or if you don’t have a show what would you do if you did do one?

• Byron doesn’t have a web show or podcast but if he did he would do an interior design show. Bob said that Bryon has a nice coloured bro… Marcel agrees.
• Marcel participates in the Bunker Project, co-hosts Crazy TV Talk and is starting his own entertainment related show very soon where he’ll cover TV shows and Movies.
• Bob said Bevan looks like Clark Kent. Bonnie asks Bob why he is hitting on everyone tonight. Bevan participates in a podcast called The Panel which is a comic book podcast. Bevin is a comic book writer but not a comic artist. Bob asks if there is a lot of comic book artists who are also comic writers. Bevin says in the bigger companies the roles are separated but independent comic producers do everything themselves. Andrew asks if there is a job for a comic colouring person because he has a two-year old that can do that…
• Randall is a regular on The Bunker Project but doesn’t have a web show or podcast. He would like to do a show on how to reduce taxes.
• Margaret doesn’t have a podcast but she co-hosts a web show with Bonnie called Woman Talking Tech and she co-hosts another show called To Finance and Protect. She is also a regular on The Bunker Project.
• Bonnie was listed in the top 20 women social influencers and the top 50 overall social media influencers. She has also been made a brand ambassador for Microsoft. She Co-Hosts Women Talking Tech with Margaret and she would like to do a tech gadget show.
• Earl works for a bag manufacturing company by day… if he was to do a podcast it would be an outdoorsy type podcast. He once cycled down to California by himself on a whim. He also did the West Coast Trail by himself.
• JJ McCoullagh is a political cartoonist and political columnist for the Huffington Post. JJ says “about” the Canadian way…. aboot. He used to do a podcast with an American that was well versed in Canadian politics. His cohost was more Liberal than JJ so they had the Canada vs the USA and Right vs Left thing going. JJ recommends the NPR Politics podcast and The Slate Political Gabfest.
• Andrew asks JJ where he stands on gun control in the US. He says legislation shouldn’t be passed for a warm fuzzy feeling. He isn’t in favour of passing laws for ideological reasons. Bonnie jumps in and says that the type of people that are shooting up schools aren’t criminals, they are crazy.
• Marcel asks what is JJ’s opinion on gay marriage. He said that he is gay himself so he is not against it and says these days he can’t see any case against it. He said within 10 years conservatives will support gay marriage.
• Ken does a podcast called iKamCast which is a podcast aboot Broadcasting and The Internet being fused together.
• Ken talks about the state of the Broadcasting Industry and Cable TV vs  Internet Content vs Digital Terrestrial TV
• Denise is a business blogger and is a travel agent with ProTravel. She would like to interview people from different cultures and compare different social norms.
• Matt likes to talk about politics and would do a show about that.
• James would do a podcast about social media, technology, and black beer. He would do an asshole podcast where he would just be an asshole for the whole episode.
• Alana would do a podcast on spoken word poetry. Slam poetry. Marcel asks her to slam poetry him.

Social Media Success with Bonnie Sainsbury:

• Bonnie doesn’t ask open-ended questions on Social Media. She gives people answers instead of asking them questions.
• Andrew asks Bonnie how to get the big numbers. Bonnie suggests targeting a thought leader and following their followers. They’ve already put a filter up for you. ReTweet the thought leader.
• Bonnie measures everything and is interested in trends not the day to day numbers. She uses the analytics to see how she is improving.
• Only change one thing at a time. So you can measure what caused the results your getting.
• Bob asks his guests on Business Book Talk to Tweet about the episode when it is published.
• Bonnie likes to Tweet while she watches TV.
• Don’t buy followers.
• ReTweet anybody that ReTweets you. Most of the time Bonnie can’t find things worth ReTweeting.

Gaming with James

• Voicemail feedback for James. Norm asks about the game, Thief.  And also wants James opinion on Bioshock and Journey. Norms cousin was an art director for Thief.
• Bioshock is getting a ton of good reviews and is a great game. Journey is one of the only games without talking.
• Earl said he can’t believe how successful Angry Birds is since it is just a simple flash game. Bevan has the same thoughts about Harry Potter.
• Was Superman Canadian? He was drawn by a Canadian but left when he was five years old. The artist was not Canadian and the publisher was not Canadian. Bevan is against Stan Lee.
• Another question for James: Will in-game purchases help to reduce the upfront cost of games because game companies will have other sources of revenue?
• James talks about Kickstarter and video games.
• Xbox HD wants to bring back Hero’s. Marcel said Heros was a disaster and thinks this will be too.
And that is the end of the show…
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The underground Bunker Project is a meetup focused on Social Media, Internet Marketing, New Media, and Podcasting. Set in the Bunker at the Barklay Hotel on Robson St. in Vancouver, The Bunker Project will appeal to those looking for cutting edge social marketing and new media information and to those who just want to socialize over a beer and exchange thoughts and ideas about social media.

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Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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