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Twitter Talk and Clarity.fm

The Bunker Project is recorded with a live interactive studio audience. Join us for a show in person in downtown Vancouver or via Google + Hangout. Or watch live on Hangouts On Air.

Bunker Project Episode 129:


We talk about our interview with Dan Martel of Clarity.fm and get into a Twitter Educationaire with Bonnie Sainsbury.

Show 129 Clarity.fm and Twitter Talk

Round Table Intros:

Sanj Sukekar @genysisdesigns

Bonnie Sainsbury @bsainsbury

Margaret Reynolds @bc_insurancegal

Andrew McGivern  @podcasthero

Bob Garlick @bobgarlick

Paul @paultherockgod ( via voicemail feedback )

Ken McGrath @kenamcg

Matt @winterfelpod

James Karg @twisted_majic

The Norm Maven ( via voicemail feedback )

We kick off the show with a tribute to Stompin Tom Connors who passed away the day we recorded this episode.

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Round Table Intro Question: Name, Twitter Handle, and Twitter Pet Peeve or Twitter Tip.

  • Bob says what he hates the most about Twitter is Direct Messages and thinks the feature should be pulled. Margaret hates auto DM but not DM in general.
  • Andrew agrees he hates direct message twitter spam.
  • Sanj hates it when people send them a Twitter DM to say they are going to be late for a meeting instead of calling him or texting him.
  • Margarets biggest pet peeve on Twitter is direct selling on Twitter without any social media foreplay.
  • Bonnies pet peeve is when people dont even follow you but adds her Twitter handle at the end of whatever they are saying for what? Maybe looking for a retweet?
  • Ken doesnt like DMs either but has used it with Bonnie in the past.
  • Dan said if you are going to retweet, someone make sure the article is accurate. He gives an example of people tweeting about a TV show that says it is spoiler free but when you click through you find out it is not.
  • James says his Twitter tip is to engage only with people you would like to engage with.


Andrew and Bob interviewed the CEO and founder of Clarity.fm. A startup that is focused on matching experts with people who need good advice.

  • Put your calls through Clarity and they handle all the billing (for a 15% fee).
  • We play a clip from the interview where Dan explains the concept.
  • Bob likes the platform because he can put the widget on all his websites and send them the link for a call.
  • The flexibility is there to offer free calls through Clarity.fm platform.
  • Putting all your calls through Clarity.fm even if you are not charging will get you more ratings, reviews, a record of calls and credibility as an expert.
  • Some big players are charging $175 per minute.
  • You set your hourly rate and it displays it as a per minute charge.
  • Bob is tired of giving away his advice and loves this new platform.
  • Andrew says people ask him about podcasting and for some people he is happy to help them out for free. Ken agrees if it is a one-time session but if they keep asking for help he says you have to charge.
  • Bonnie thinks Clarity.fm is a great idea.
  • Matt says he likes the concept because everyone is looking for shortcuts. So they can get a quick answer from you by paying for a call with an expert on Clarity.fm.
  • James said he is going to charge $1000 per hour on Clarity.fm by giving gamer sex advice.


Voicemail Feedback

  • The Rock God called in to say hi and rub in the fact that he is in Mexico for a month and is enjoying the sun and the beer.
  • The Norm Maven called in to ask a question about how Bonnie got 100 000 followers on Twitter. He asks should he follow Bonnie on Twitter? Bonnie said @bsainsbury, Norm.

Twitter Talk with Bonnie Sainsbury @bsainsbury

  • Bonnie said it is better to give as much information as you can. Give all your secrets away. Not one on one and not custom advice. But the more you give away the more successful you will be on the internet.
  • Bonnies first tip is to find a thought leader you respect in your niche and follow them and harvest followers from their followers. And also, harvest from their lists because they have filtered these people for you.
  • To harvest the thought leaders followers think of this person as the theme of the week. Tweet similar topics and retweet their tweets to attract their followers to you.
  • Andrew asks about aggressive following and unfollowing. Is that a good idea or not? Bonnie said she doesnt have enough time to read everyones profile and tweets so she does follow/unfollow fairly aggressively. Shell wait a few days for a follow back and then unfollow.
  • Tip: Make sure your profile is filled out properly with relevant information if you want people to follow you.
  • Andrew brings up Cliff Ravenscrafts strategy on Twitter to follow less than 150 people  (the Dunbar number) and Bonnie said why not just use lists?
  • Bonnie finds good people to follow in Tweet Chats where people use the same hashtag at an agreed upon time. #BlogChat, #LeadershipChat. James said CMChat is good and Margaret said BCWineChat is doing the same thing.
  • Tweet Chats are a good way to find Thought Leaders and to build lists.
  • Bob asks why Bonnie got rid of some her folders recently to bring her numbers under 100 000 people.
  • Manage Flitter Comprehensive Twitter Management tool.
  • Twitter Cleaner Easily clean out unwanted or spam accounts.
  • Crowd Booster $10 per month. Great service for watching each of Tweets reach and other stats.
  • Bonnie recommends Bit.ly to monitor your click throughs.
  • Bob asks when should you start dumping people from your list. Bonnie said if they are not engaging with you get rid of them. Doesnt matter if you have 100 or 200 followers. Unfollow the accounts that dont show interest in your content.
  • Bonnie loves Buffer. She prefers Buffer over any other scheduling tool for Twitter. You can mix Twitter and facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  • She uses Manage Flitter to see what is happening in her community.
  • Twitter Cleaner as well.
  • She is disappointed by the news that Twitter bought Tweetdeck and is now going to get rid of it. Bonnie doesnt know what she is going to use to manage lists now.
  • Bonnies final tip doesn’t drink and tweet.



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