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This week we have the folks from the Standard Action web series in the house.

We talk about the equipment required to produce a quality web series. 2012 may be a great year for web series producers as companies such as Netflix are starting to pay to have series produced for their networks.

We talk about some 2012 predictions we all have and touch on Google +, path, square up and much more…

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Bunker Project Episode 70:

Mavens in Attendance:

Arik Sternberg – Optimizer Maven
Bonnie Sainsbury – Twitter Maven
Margaret Reynolds – Insurance Maven
Joanna and Rob – Web Series Mavens
James Karg – Gaven Maven
Terry – Locksmith Maven
Steven – International Man of Mystery ???
Kurt Hemingway – The Hat Maven
Andrew McGivern – Bunkerholic
Bob Garlick – Idea Maven

The Hat Maven said it was the best ever Round Table intro…

Bob said the Game Maven hates gamification – James says no… it is good if done right.
Steven asks what is gamification?

We get into gamification…
Adding game-like elements to any system… rewards programs, etc.

Buzzworthy word of the year because everyone was using it and didn’t understand it.

Arik said the early adopters are using it. James doesn’t like the way people try and get things for free.
James brings up the Bunker Show drinking game… when we digress we drink.

Bob asks some questions to the Standard Action team about what cameras they use.
They give us the skinny on how to get a web series done and what equipment they use.

Steve gives us his claim to fame after Arik gives him some advice: Lie!
Expensive cars, suits, and big guns… interesting women.
What does Steve do to unwind? Yo Yo’s

Andrew makes a joke but Twisted Majic is serious about how gamification works.

City Bank has a way to consolidate points on Facebook.

Path App – All it does is the timeline.
Allows you to post videos, pictures, and stuff.

Andrew brings up www.takethislollypop.com. James told us about it before and Andrew used it and it freaked him out.
It was designed to show you how much information people can see about you…

Arik asks Joanna and Rob what social platforms will help them with Standard Action the most in 2012?

Joanna said it is a trend to the internet away from TV which will help their web series get exposure.
Rob said that Netflix is paying for another season of Arrested Development which bodes well for content like Standard Action. Steve is soooo happy that Arrested Development is back.

Bonnie said she plays dumb mind-numbing games now… Andrew said it all started with Angry Birds and now she plays Poppit and Paper Toss.

Margaret found a ton of books online… Rob mentions project Gutenberg.
Kindle got in trouble for selling public domain books.

Arik wants to know if 2012 will be a turning point for web series to get in the money. Not counting donations.
Rob says that there are a lot of services contacting them about making money from web series. Merchandising, Games, etc.

Andrew said that 2012 predictions are assuming that the world isn’t going to end. Margaret has no end of the world insurance. Bob has a Canadian Flag we are passing around to sign for The German Maven.

Bonnie explains what Square Up is all about? No Merchant Account, 2.75% service charge and next day payout.
It is an app with a square peripheral for scanning the cards. Bob said NFC will be next… won’t need the square.

Terry said why do we need banks if you can go from Visa to Visa account through an App.

Arik heads out for the evening and says goodbye using Bob’s mic… and sounded nasal.

Out of show notes for this episode…

Bob wants to know what is your favourite Wiki site. Terry likes Wikilocks which is just pictures of locks.

Bob said DSLR technology is dead and talks about cameras for a few minutes.
Very interesting talk about this new technology. Rob will mow lawns and wash cars to get his hands on one.

Andrew asked when is Standard Action coming out in 3D?

Steven said he liked the Tin Tin movie in 3D…

We are talking about TV and Bob has no idea why we are talking about it.
Bob loves the new Dr. Who.

Now we are talking about sex… where did that come from? Uncensored Social Underground!

Save on Foods and the liquor store is a good night for James.

James talks about Guava Berry.

Some music is playing… sounds like Standard Action… it is!
Andrew decided to watch Standard Action… we listen for a while and decide to watch the whole show.

James loves electric sheep… (big pause) followed by no explanation…

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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Andrew McGivern

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