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The Bunker Project Show 65 Notes:

Round Table Introductions:

Bonnie Sainsbury: The Twitter Maven
Margaret Renolds: The Insurance Maven
James Karg: The Gaming Maven
Kurt Hemmingway: The Hat Maven
Astrid Lister: The German Maven

Andrew McGivern: Podcast Maven
Bob Garlick: Idea Maven

Margaret’s head office is using her as an example of how to use social media in her industry.

Game Maven talks about his Movember November 18th plans…

McDonald’s controversy over not allowing staff to wear a poppy for Remembrance Day and they don’t support Movember apparently.

This is one of Astrid’s last shows (she is going back to Germany?) 🙁

1st Topic:

The Kobo Vox
The Kobo eReader that is really a 7″ tablet.
Astrid just got her Vox and is very excited about Kobo Pulse.
Kobo Pulse allows you to comment, like and interact with specific pages of a book. You can mark a paragraph or sentence and comment on it. And read comments that other people make…. and post it to facebook or twitter, etc. Andrew says it would take forever to get through a book.
Astrid says it isn’t as good as the Kobo Touch for reading – if you just want a reader. But the Kobo Pulse feature is worth it. And as a tablet it isn’t as good as other tablets (entry level).
Astrid loves that her Kobo Vox is pink too.

Kurt likes the concept of Kobo Pulse and compares it to how he plays video games.

Andrew says he prefers electronic ink for reading.
Astrid said she used to be against e-readers but is a convert and now loves e-readers.

Our lovely bartender has brought us all popcorn to the Bunker side of the bar.

We talk about Canadians and Americans for a few minutes.

Bob brings up Bank of America’s Google + page and how they got phished or hacked and the Google + page posted defamatory material about the bank.
How should Bank of America respond? Bob is phished off!

Kurt talks about the authenticity of players in the field, consumer confidence and taking social media seriously.

Bob says don’t give your PR and Social Media to the first idiot who volunteers to do it.

Bonnie brings up Mailchimp and how easy it is use and free. She says that it is too easy to send spam. Kurt says it isn’t Mailchimp’s fault. Bonnie says it is the quality of the content and is a problem with facebook, twitter and everything else. If it is free and easy to use it gives people the idea that any idiot can do it… which isn’t true.

We converse about auto DM’s and over promoting your stuff.

Kurt says 90% of the content on the internet is useless.

James brings up the Nigerian scams and the guy who is putting his kid through skill. Bob talks about people who play around with these guys.

James is a proponent of the open internet – CRTC rejected the Bell plan for wholesale internet billing.
Social Media helped big time with this issue.

Shaw has abandoned the idea of going into the mobile phone market. And has opted for city wide WiFi networks instead – which will be free for Shaw customers. They are swinging back at Telus after Optik TV took so many customers.

Kurt is interested in the Shaw WiFi network. A private company setting up WANs in communities around Canada. Kurt keeps saying “Ubiquitous Internet”.

Bob says he can never get enough speed…
James and Bob talk about internet…
Astrid says Bob is lucky he isn’t a woman…
Bob says he sounds like a woman on the phone when he gets excited.

Andrew wants to bring it back to e-books…

Margaret loves calibre.
Andrew asks if anyone has heard of Random House? They are going all digital next year!
Andrew asks if anyone has heard of MacMillan? Going digital!
Andrew asks if anyone has heard of Simon and Schuster? Going digital…

Bob says there will still be libraries! Andrew says if you go to a library you get bed bugs.

A little chat about audio books… Bonnie listens at 2X to get through an audio book twice as fast.

And the closing music is playing.

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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The underground Bunker Project is a meetup focused on Social Media, Internet Marketing, New Media, and Podcasting. Set in the Bunker at the Barklay Hotel on Robson St. in Vancouver, The Bunker Project will appeal to those looking for cutting edge social marketing and new media information and to those who just want to socialize over a beer and exchange thoughts and ideas about social media.

Members will have the opportunity to participate in the Bunker Project Podcast which is recorded live at every meetup.

Hope to see you soon at The Bunker!

Your Hosts,

Andrew McGivern & Bob Garlick

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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