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 Sometimes you just have great Segues

Thanks to Wix.com for sponsoring The Bunker Project. Wix.com is the #1 platform in the world for creating websites online. The easiest way to create your own cool looking website.

We start off the show promising to be focused and actually use the show notes… and to turn on the mic? Bonnie tells Bob to move on… Bob talks about how to shrink heads… Andrew mentions a Cathedral in Ireland ( Drougheda ) has a shrunken head on display in the church.

Andrew segues from shrunken heads to facebook face recognition.

Bob likes to tag inanimate objects.

Bob says airports should make people check into facebook at security checkpoints.

Bonnie is interested in ICBC’s heavy duty facial recognition software which they lent to the police for use in identifying the rioters… Bonnie was surprised they had facial recognition software in the first place.

Bob makes a nutty joke.

From facial recognition to sound recognition… Shazam raises $30 000 000 to get into the TV tagging business! Bringing interactivity to commercials and television programs. Tag a commercial and get a coupon.

Andrew says it is like an audio QR code…

What is a Troll? Andrew says people who hang out and be negative on blog comments…

Twisted_Majic says that there are many different kinds of Trolls… ironic trolls etc.
Bonnie says that Trolls have to be persistent in order to get the Troll label.
Twisted_Majic gives us the Wikipedia definition.

Bob asks if once a Troll always a Troll….

Twisted_Majic guesses Andrew’s alias… Andrew’s eyebrows are zoomers!

All the guys at the Bunker Project are Gruffy… the ladies, of course, are not.
What is gruff? The debate goes on… Gruff is Rough – Bob says gruff sucks as a word.

Everybody laughs at something…

We all bought raincoaster stock on Empire Ave…

Another segue into Mixlr.com
– High-Quality Audio Broadcasts… like Ustream but for audio.
The debate over what is Canadian Content… Brian Adams or Aerosmith

Facebook has a deal with skype to bring phones to facebook and it looks like a deal with Netflix is in the works to bring entertainment content to facebook!

Convergence… Internet and TV merging.

@Twisted_Majic is moving to Sweden if the Metered Internet comes to being.

Another awesome segue into the law in France that forbids Media from mentioning Twitter or Facebook…

Andrew and James talk about two different Poutine places that turn out to be the same place…
Andrew likes “The House of Poutine” and James likes “Frenchies”… turns out it is Frenchies, The House of Poutine.

Huge digression on Poutine…

Bob says Narly again… and again!

Moving over to smoking from poutine…

Another great segue… wow… over to violence in games…
Bob makes a google +1 joke

And the conversation is on about Google +

Bob brings up a good analogy about Google + hangouts…

Have you liked the Bunker Project on facebook yet?


Bob talks about trying to get Google + access…
@Twisted_Majic doesn’t see a mass exodus to Google +

Bing vs Google
Search on Bing… ok
Maps on Bing… sucks

Google has a lot of strikeouts but they hit a few home runs…
Will Google + be a home run?

Andrew makes the first bad segway of the night… into Empire Avenue.

Andrew has BS stock… and Bob Garlick stock… and Twisted_Majic

The Bartenderess arrives to replenish the black beer.

Bob doesn’t like the +1 button… he thinks it should be cool dude button or narly button… or something like that.

Bonnie says that the advantage Google has is all theire other products… analytics, docs, android, maps, local, places, etc… And combined with google + it will make facebook look like the social network for kids…

Twitter and Facebook are in the here in and now… no long tail.

Bob has 37 or 47 emails…
He explains why he has so many emails…

One for each girlfriend… ???

Bob brings up the huge amounts of WordPress sites out there… and most are out of date (old version).
German Maven brings up a good point about people not upgrading because their theme is not compatible yet.

Andrew says the best option is to use a Premium theme that is kept up to date.
Andrew plugs the theme podcast hero uses… Elegant Themes.

Bonnie strongly agrees… use a Premium Theme.

Discussion about plugins.

Andrew brings up Der Prinz… a German WordPress Theme Developer.

Bonnie doesn’t like Thesis… Andrew either.

The Nun Podcast – Great Thesis example.

What the hell is Joomla? We talk about what the Hat Maven does.
The Bunker Project can’t afford the Hat Maven. But we still love Wix.com

… that was another crazy good segue into Wix.com and their mobile website application.

Wix is our sponsor and we are not biased… Bonnie isn’t biased and loves Wix.com now.

Wix.com is a classic about of the Freemium model!

Satomi is upset because we are talking about how easy it is to set up a Wix.com page because she is stuck on page 2 of her site. But she is getting help from Arik and will be up and running soon.

Facebook is experimenting with Ads that you can interact with… comment on sponsored links.
Bonnie is still happy about her Android Tablet.

Ian volunteers to tell us what the difference between a banner ad and an interactive ad is.
Bob expands on the topic.
Ian said that his web designer got his business by putting tons of great information out there… so much so that he has used him many times now.

Give away your information and you will get business… is the general consensus here at The Bunker Project.

Ian talks about capture systems… massive amount of value… and sales process.

Twisted_Majic uses Bob as an example of someone putting a ton of content out there…
Bob says he is burned out from posting on his blog. Four months since his last post.

Ian makes some great points…

Twisted_Majic brings up Gary V… and the closing show music starts…

Bob says we will hate you if you don’t call 1-877-636-1474… there will be a prize for voice mail feedback this week!

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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Thanks again to Wix.com for sponsoring The Bunker Project.
Wix.com is the most popular website builder in the world.

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The underground Bunker Project is a meetup focused on Social Media, Internet Marketing, New Media and Podcasting. Set in the Bunker at the Barklay Hotel on Robson St. in Vancouver, The Bunker Project will appeal to those looking for cutting edge social marketing and new media information and to those who just want to socialize over a beer and exchange thoughts and ideas about social media.

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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