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A crazy night at the Bunker Project… Vancouver Riots as we drink our Black Beers in peace.

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We start off the show making a Star Trek reference and Bob explains what Star Trek is for those who have never seen the show or movies… Andrew says no way… everyone that listens to the Bunker Project has seen Star Trek.

We jump into the first topic of the show… Carnivorous ApCarnivorousat powers itself that by eating household pests and digesting them to create electricity… Our bartenderesse says she wouldn’t be interested in a carniversous clock because all her clocks are set to 420.

These clocks catch flies and creates enough energy to power the clock… Vampire clocks…

Bob wonders if the clocks will eat sushi… good way to get rid of your leftovers and power your clocks at the same time…. Andrew wonders if the clock will eat bed bugs. And now we are talking about bed bugs… Satomi asked how you know if you have them. Andrew says he has a really bad reaction… if he was recently bitten his eyebrows grow really big. Bob tells Satomi not to believe Andrew.

Andrew talks about how to get rid of bed bugs with toxic chemicals and heat. He prefers heat. But really likes the bed bug eating clock the best.

Bob says this conversation was kind of weird.

@Twisted_Majick reports that people are locked in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre…
Bob says that is old news… Andrew explains how we record two shows per Meetup and that we are actually still downtown right now during the Vancouver riots, safely tucked away in the back of “The Den” at the Barclay Hotel at the other end of downtown…

@Twisted_Majick says the CBC is calling the rioters protesters which we agree is stupid because they aren’t protesting anything. Andrew says to “the protesters” Go Home… I don’t want to see you when I’m walking home…. Arik says how cool Social Media can overthrow governments and help the police here by tagging rioters.

Bob brings up a book… “The Diamond” and says there is a law maker in the USA that wants to bring back caning. Bob talks about a Canadian guy getting caned when he broke the law and the embassy freaked out… James comes back into the show after being engrossed in the Vancouver Riot twitter feed.

Bob brings up Apples new service for $25 per year you can legitimize your music collection. They will even upgrade your low quality recordings to higher quality versions. Very cool.

Satomi asks if the artists will get any of the money… yes they will. Arik and Satomi think this is great. Bob says that people will be less likely to download illegal music once they’ve got a fully legitimate collection.

James reports that they are looting The Hudsons Bay Department Store. Bob is surprised to hear how far the riot has spread and is disappointed because it is right where he needs to catch his bus home. James says we can stay at his apartment but Arik replies that James’ apartment looks like it already had a riot in it.

Is gamification of everything killing the gaming experience. Back to riot conversation… there is a hashtag #VPD if you want the police to look at the tweet as part of their investigation.

Andrew makes a silly joke… at least James thinks it was great.

We talk about rewards programs with point systems for patronizing businesses or restaurants. And how facebook stats are actually a points system… Klout score is a gamification and Empire Ave is a huge gameification of social media.

James says he started playing Empire Ave and stopped for a bit and lost his score… you have to be super consistent. James explains how you get a higher stock value in Empire Avenue. A pretty good explanation.

Andrew asks Bob about Tweet Adder and how he gets it to auto post his blog posts to twitter.
Bob says it doesn’t do that so he uses a WordPress Plugin… Old Tweet or something.
Andrew says Bob has great titles for his blog posts which make great tweets.

Bob talks about the cool things you can do with WordPress…

@Twisted_Majick says there is an idiot standing in front of a live tv camera crew holding up a manican he stole…

Ok… Our bartenderess has notified us that we are being shut down because of the riots…
Usually in times like this you head for the bunker… this time we are leaving the bunker.

We are heading out to face the danger…

Bob recorded this footage on his way home from The Bunker Project on June 15th after the Stanley Cup playoff loss for Vancouver. He mastered this video when he got home and put it up for everyone to see. A sad day in Vancouver.


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The underground Bunker Project is a meetup focused on Social Media, Internet Marketing, New Media and Podcasting. Set in the Bunker at the Barklay Hotel on Robson St. in Vancouver, The Bunker Project will appeal to those looking for cutting edge social marketing and new media information and to those who just want to socialize over a beer and exchange thoughts and ideas about social media.

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Andrew McGivern

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