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Nice recap regarding last week show by Andrew…not.

Creepy Palm Pre Phone ad for TV. Brings around a discussion on Palm and who just bought them.

Quote of the Week.
“Most Canadians are born without eyebrows. They have to paint them in.”
Leo Laporte

Call out to review the show on iTunes to our American listeners.

Mr Old Spice is back. What do you think of his new commercial?

American football was rated as ninth in the world. What are the others?

Big vitamin digression because Andrew is lamenting no stock of the hangover patch.

Claymation head-shot by Hotels.com: A call way to get peoples e-mail addresses. There are over 169,000 portraits done already. The avatar with the most votes goes to:
Audrey Westbrook with over 39,000 votes.

The Bunker “Digression Game” rules are:
If we digress you should have a drink.

Rupert Murdoch launched his new iPad:
New paper that is only available on the iPad. It is basically a Daily Magazine (still marketed as a newspaper) Updated each day and costing $40 a year. They have employed hundreds of top writers for creating original content.

Report on making money on the internet by Jowl who is a budding internet entrepreneur. Lots of great info from Andrew on a guy who is making lots on the internet. He brings up Click Bank and has some good ideas.

  1. Check out John Chow to get on his mailing list.
  2. Bob gets all excited about Lynda.com for amazing tutorials.
  3. Youtube is also a great source for tutorials.
  4. You should also check out GSPN (Generally Speaking Production Network) by Cliff Ravenscraft (the Podcast Answer man) for all his shows.
  5. Check out the Podcast Helper by Ray Ortega who help out with technical stuff regarding podcasting.
  6. Audacity podcast by the Ramen Noodle which is all about the Free audio editing software.
  7. The podcast Starter by James Kennison.
  8. Notes for the Revolution by Colette Vogele. Podcast on the Law relating to Podcasting.

Mac World gets panned because all there was where a lots of accessories like keyboards and cases. A lot of people did not go because Apple was not actually the show. More of an iPod accessory show. No Adobe, no Wacom tablets what’s going on.

The new phenomenon that people that can program are rare because most students consume technology and content and do not create new programs and content. A debate insues…

Meaning of Zeitgeist

Zuckerberg was on Saturday Night Live. Not available on Youtube. If you find one send us the link.

Is Bing Better than Google? Google is complaining that Bing is copying them. Are they? Is this fare wince Google basically copies everyone and make it easier for us to find it. Bing maps suck, the speaker sucks, not enough apps, apps are too expensive… but according to Andrew it is a great phone. Andrew also mentions what it’s like being the the phone industry these days.

Google phone calls from gmail. VOIP service for calling out only. We are waiting for Google Voice only in the use phone number. Andrew recommends “Talk To Me” as a great phone system.


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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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