Zoom Livetrak L-8 podcast mixer and audio interface

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A great mixer / audio interface that is comparable to the RodeCaster Pro.


Zoom has come out with a great option for podcasters who want to do everything in one device. The Zoom livetrak L-8 makes it easier than ever to mix, monitor and record professional-sounding podcasts in one portable, affordable package. This device is a good, less expensive alternative to the RodeCaster Pro.

Zoom L8

What makes the Zoom L-8 better than the Rode RodeCaster Pro for mobile podcasting? It is battery powered and therefore you don’t have to have access to a wall outlet to power it. You get up to 2 1/2 hours of use on battery power. Pretty sweet!

Zoom L8 best price

The user interface is not as simple as the RodeCaster Pro but it isn’t too complicated either.

The Zoom Livetrak L-8 can be used as a standalone multitrack recorder which means you don’t have to have your laptop with you to record.
It is also an audio interface which allows you to record directly into your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

There are three monitor outputs and one master out allowing you to plugin 4 monitoring headsets with independent volume control and custom mix control.

There is a 6 button sound pad which allows you to play your intro and outro music, sound effects and voicemail feedback at the press of a button.
If you are taking phone calls on your podcast you can plug in your cell phone into the mixer and the mix/minus is handled so there will be no feedback.

Zoom L8 review

  • 8-Channel digital mixer ( 6 combo, plus 2 TS inputs )
  • 12-Track simultaneous recording, 10-track playback
  • Mix-minus function preventing audio feedback from dial-in guests
  • 6 assignable sound pads, with 13 preset sounds
  • Battery operated with four AA batteries or a USB power supply

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