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25 Strategies to Get ATTENTION and Make Your YouTube, Livestream, Google Hangouts, Skype Interviews and Videos Look or Sound Like a Professional TV or Radio Show

Most video interviews look and sound HORRIBLE!

Because the interviewers and interviewees don’t know “How to Be a Video Interview Pro: 25 Strategies to Get ATTENTION and Make Your YouTube, Livestream, Google Hangouts, Skype Interviews and Videos Look or Sound Like a Professional TV or Radio Show”.

Join Disruptar the Disruptasaurus through a brand-new, step-by-step, illustrated book that will make sure you don’t make costly (or embarrassing) mistakes as the interviewer or interviewee. It’s a fun way to turn every interview into a brand-representative, profitable performance with 7-time #1 bestselling author and serial entrepreneur, Mike Koenigs, who’s participated in over 1,200 television, radio, stage, online and podcast interviews and speeches in his 20-year career to guide you to interview success.

It doesn’t matter if have have no experience, have never been interviewed or conducted an interview, don’t like the way you look or sound on camera or get so nervous your hands sweat just thinking about participating in a live or recorded interview, this book will help you avoid mistakes that could damage your reputation, business, brand, make you look like a fool or make you look so bad an interviewer will never speak to you again…

…or become a wildly successful, in-demand online or offline “star” who rapidly becomes the “talk” of your niche or industry!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in this book:

1.The simple, single setup change that will make you look 10 pounds lighter and 5 years younger on camera (page 15)
2.How to instantly connect with your audience and keep their attention (page 20)
3.One common mistake that amateurs make that cause their interviews to look like a horror movie (page 23)
4.A simple trick that makes you look younger, more alert and energized…but if you mess this up, you could look 5-10 years older 🙁 (page 25)
6.How to create curiosity, grab and keep an audience’s attention and keep them “on edge” for an entire interview (page 41)
7.A guaranteed way to get and keep an audience’s action, build rapport and get them to join your list, follow you, take your advice or buy your products and services (page 73)

But wait, THERE’S MORE!

Inside the book are links to FIVE valuable bonuses to turn every interview into an opportunity for more growth, contribution fame and wealth:.

[Bonus #1] – Professionally Typeset PDF Special Edition of the Book plus updates and upgrades to the book as they are released.

[Bonus #2] – Live Interactive Workshop – “How to Turn Your Ideas into Online TV Shows, Products and Profitable Live Interactive Sales Events”.

In this live interactive workshop, Mike will share “21 Ways to a Million Dollar Day” and three case studies about how he and some of his business and celebrity clients have generated over $1,000 per viewer with live online interactive programs and how you can use these same strategies to grow your business too.

[Bonus #3] – Mike’s latest “Video Equipment Buyer’s Guide” with all the cameras, microphones, lighting and gear you need to turn your office, living room or desk into a professional-quality studio for doing interviews, webinars, webcasts or livecasts so they look and sound like real TV or radio programs.

[Bonus #4] – A beautiful step-by-step Illustrated Infographic. Keep this on your desktop or print it out for an easy reference so every interview looks and sounds professional. You’re encouraged share it with your interviewee to make sure they make you look and sound great too!

[Bonus #5] – A copy of Mike Koenigs speaker bio and introduction, use it to model and create your own interview, podcast, media, radio intros so you sound like a total professional, even if you’re just starting out.

Giving an interviewer a bio and talking points is the #1 key to appearing like a star to the audience and eliminating mistakes!

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