Aphex Aural Exciter & Big Bottom Rack Mount Processor



Aural Exciter & Optical Big Bottom, two-channel rack mount for live sound, installed sound, recording, production, broadcast, DJ


  • The Aural Exciter’s patented technology brings out detail, clarity, and imaging that elevates your sound without adding level and enhances sonic quality more naturally than with equalization.
  • The Aural Exciter adds punch and presence, increases intelligibility for vocals and spoken dialog, and on mixes, it adds power, presence, and sparkle. It is the ideal solution for breathing life into MP3s and other compressed audio files.
  • The Optical Big Bottom adds a deep, powerful low-frequency punch, without the unwanted level boost that comes from adding EQ. Deeper, more resonant bass response with tighter articulation without the build-up or driver-damaging tendencies of bass EQ.

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