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We are back with another great Maven Interview and this week we welcome Bosco Anthony to the show!

Bosco Anthony is an experienced internet marketer and social media marketing specialist. Bosco has excelled at creating engaging content and has developed a strong community around his brand in a short period of time. He ramped up his business by being very active as a public speaker and blogging regularly.

Listen to this Maven Interview to learn about Bosco’s story and his take on digital marketing.

Bob asks Bosco about his background.

Bosco came to Vancouver and dominated the internet marketing and social media space in town.

  • Originally from Tanzania, East Africa
  • Worked as an internet marketer for 8 years
  • Started his own boutique company and in the last 2 years his business has broke out.
  • He was able to get a lot of exposure through speaking engagements and writing tons of great content on his blog.
  • Bosco’s blog was nominated as a top business blog in Vancouver.

Bob asks Why is content different now than it was a few months ago?

Bosco says that Google has taken over the Yellow Pages in many ways in the past few years.
But now, Context has overtaken Content.

Bosco talks about writing content with passion and the ability to tell stories. He was writing for his own brand in order to brand himself as an authority. Telling stories and integrating video, audio and images help to build engagement and reactions. Post by Maven Interviews.

Proper Digital Story Telling:
The transfer of info in different media and platforms. An interview used to be a simple text article but now it is audio or video content with the ability to comment and interact.
You have to provide an experience to the consumer of your content.

A defined Call To Action is a very important aspect of content marketing.

Bosco uses Hubspot as a great example of CTA in its content marketing and email marketing campaigns.

Is it hard to explain the cutting-edge new media marketing tactics to clients?
It is all about time and budget? Does the client have a budget to hire a writer or do they have the time to produce the content themselves?
Content used to be about authority but now it is about influence.

Bosco mentions:

  • The Good Life Project
  • A new Online TV Show he is coming out with soon
  • Qualitative Fusion

Bosco and Bob talk about the Bunker Project and the Fan Club episode we did with the Vancouver Social Media Club.

Bosco talks about the planning and work that is involved with filming his online tv show.

What do you need to do in Social Media in order to stand out?

  1. Don’t talk to everyone in Social Media as if they were the same audience. Everybody is different. Get to know the individuals before you try to pitch them.
  2. Be consistent, be present.
  3. Be yourself but keep it classy and have fun. If it is negative keep it offline.

What platform is the one to be on?

Each platform is designed for communication in different ways.
Bosco explains the purpose of each of the major platforms and how he sees them.

Bosco talks about Voice Search and how it will change SEO. People are lazier when typing text than they are for spoken word.
Content providers will get better results for longer keyword phrases as a result.

Contact Bosco on Twitter – @boscoanthony or just Google his name.

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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