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Apple Keynote: iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay


Are you an Apple Fanboy?

We start off the show with a Round Table introduction as usual:

The question of the night is “Are you an Apple Fanboy?”

Sanj Sukerkar – @genesysdesign

Not in the slightest… Android all the way.

Bonnie Sainsbury – @bsainsbury

She has nothing against Apple… if you like inferior technology

People have tried to convert her to Apple but have failed miserably because she doesn’t like being forced to do things their way.

Margaret Reynolds – @bc_insurancegal

Margaret prefers Android for a number of reasons. She used to use an iPhone and switched to Android and has been much happier since then.

Andrew McGivern – @podcasthero

Andrew is not an Apple fanboy but also isn’t a Google Fanboy either.

Andrew, despite not being an Apple fanboy decides to take the play the role of the Apple Fanboy because all of our regular Apple Fanboys are not at today’s Bunker Project show.

Only Andrew watched the Keynote (through TWIT due to not having an iOS device or MAC to watch it).

Andrew asks the group what they think about Apple limiting the live Keynote to Apple devices and browsers?

The consensus is it was a bad move to limit it to existing customers. Margaret believes it is rude to force the use of their own devices. Andrew said perhaps they do this to restrict access due to bandwidth issues. Even with the live stream being limited to Apple Devices they crashed the stream.

Sanj brings up Steve Jobs thanked Bill Gates for saving Apple with a cash injection back in the day. And the fan boys were booing during that announcement.

We talk about Windows 8 and why it got bad reviews and press.

Do people expect too much from new tech products? How much innovation can there be each time?

The battery life is apparently great.

The camera looks like it kicks butt.

Andrew finds iOS to be a little more stable than Android. The rest of the crew don’t agree.

Tim Cook said that Android is like Europe… it is actually made up of a whole bunch of different things. We talk about whether we should be comparing hardware sales by manufacturer or Operating System market share.

We talk about the iPhone camera technology.

Bonnie brings up the new Samsung Edge which has a screen on the side of the phone. We talk about whether that is useful or not.

Has Apple invented anything?

Bonnie said there is a guy that will give you $100 000 if you can prove that Apple truly invented anything.

Everyone agrees that Apple is great at marketing products that they repackage with style and design.

Bonnie doesn’t like when Apple Fanboys take to Social Media to say how much better the iPhone is even though the new features have been on Android for years.

Andrew brings up the point that Apple has less than 20% market share and Google has 80% market share in devices shipped. But Android has only 3% of the podcast consumption. Why?

Apple embraced podcasting early by adding a podcast directory to iTunes. This made podcasts very discoverable on Apple devices (and Windows PC’s with iTunes installed).

Google (with the exception of Google Listen which is now gone) has done nothing to increase podcast discoverability.

Apple made the Podcast App a suggested app with iOS 7 which increased the number of people using the app dramatically. Now with iOS 8 the phone is a native (and can’t be deleted) app. This will increase podcast listening dramatically again!

Bonnie listens to podcasts on the podcasters websites. She streams podcasts and rarely downloads them. She doesn’t have a long commute so she doesn’t listen on her phone or tablet.

Andrew says it would be more convenient to listen from your smartphone because if you have to leave the house or office you keep listening when you leave.

Bonnie uses Feedly to subscribe to podcasts. Andrew recommends getting an app like Pocket Casts. He explains how to subscribe to a podcast using a podcatcher.

Sanj asks how to embed a podcast into WordPress. We talk about Media Hosting and RSS Feeds, etc.

Andrew asks another question… if Android has 80% market share why do the best apps go to Apple first? And sometimes take forever to get to Android.

Does Apple feature an app in the App Store if they are iOS exclusive?

Andrew believes that the vast majority of the Android user base is not using their phones as smartphones. They are using them as feature phones.

We talk about Microsoft Universal Apps.

Bonnie doesn’t appreciate when an app is iOS only. We talk about how it is a good business practice to do what it takes to get featured.

Andrew gets ticked off when apps are not available on Android too.

Apple Watch:

We talk about the Apple Watch and the potential benefits of owning one.

Apart from the health and fitness aspect, we all don’t see a need for one right now.

Apple Pay:

Andrew thought that Apple Pay was the best part of the Key Note.

The new iPhones and Apple Watch have a new chip called the Secure Element which stores your credit card information encrypted and unavailable even to Apple. When you make a payment it generates a one-time use credit card number and verification code. The Merchant doesn’t ever see your credit card number and Apple doesn’t see your purchase. Very cool technology.

Is Apple Pay the Paypal Killer? You can use Apple Pay for online purchases. Margaret said that the ability to pay by email is more likely to kill PayPal.

And that is it for another episode of the now infamous Bunker Project show.

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

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