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The Norm Project

The Bunker Project is recorded with a live interactive studio audience. Join us for a show in person in downtown Vancouver or via Google + Hangout. Or watch live on Hangouts On Air.

The Bunker Project is brought to you by Okanagan Spring Brewmaster Black.

Bunker Project Episode 146

Bunker Mavens in attendance:

Bonnie Sainsbury @bsainsbury
Margaret Reynolds @bc_insurancegal
Andrew McGivern @podcasthero
Bob Garlick @bobgarlick
Paul @nozipaul
Randall Orser @numbercrunchers
Marcel Lapointe @ unknown
Sanj Sukerkar @genesysdesigns
Ken McGrath @KenAMcGJames Karg @twisted_majicDaniel Wanisrui @dwanisruiLuChrystalBevan Thomas

Listen to the episode and read the full show notes to get all the details.

Show 146 – The Norm Project

Round Table Intros: Name, Twitter Handle and What’s up?

• Randall said he has a client with no proof of income.
• Chrystal is here to chill out. She was warned about the Bunker Project before. She is prepared for all the outrageous questions.
• Bevan Thomas is here and Bob asks if there were any comic characters who had a scar before Harry Potter.
• Nozi Paul is just here for the beer. Bob asks where Nozi Paul got his name. Paul starts to explain but gets cut short.
• Lu is starting a new business doing training for self-employed people. She is doing two-day training classes.
• James asks Lu if she is qualified to teach business or has ever done it before. Nozi Paul said that was a horrible question.
• Bonnie said she doesn’t know anything either… she knows everything.
• James says in business… fake it till you make it.
• Bonnie is working on Affiliate Marketing and has a new coach to help her. She is learning the dreaded SEO. Andrew asked if his coach is from White Rock.
• Carlo Rossetti enters stage left.
• We have a big digression on Affiliate Marketing vs MLM Marketing.
• Margaret talks about what is happening with Women Talking Tech
• Paul the Rock God is just a Karaoke singer and has no idea why he’s here? Margaret said he is a big geek but hides it.
• James is going to be starting a new show called… not Bob Garlicks show. The real name is Babel Dog. Find it at www.babbeldog.ca
• Carlo says, Hi and have a great night.
• Ken talks about doing a hangout from within CTV studios.
• Bob says just Google Me.
• Andrew says it’s time for voice mail feedback…

Norm Feedback

Norm calls in to say that the airplane crash in San Francisco had better coverage from Twitter than CNN. Margaret talks about an example of people using Youtube instead of speaking to the media in big stories. The media will edit your statements and slant them towards their bias.
Ken said that the media always has a bias. They are biased based on who is paying the bills this month. The content is supported by advertising and they won’t bite the hand that feeds them.
We talk about how the media sensationalizes the news.
Andrew brings up Big Pharma being a big time advertiser and that is the reason why the mainstream media portrays natural medicine as a bunch of wacko quacks.
Margaret brings up Traditional Chinese Medicine and how they are being treated in North America. Chrystal said in China there is a system of certifying TCM professionals which don’t exist here.
Chrystal said some of the points are death points. Andrew said that the 5 touch, 5 step, exploding heart technique from Kill Bill 2 is awesome.
Marcel arrives to much fan fair…

More Norm Feedback:

What is the deal with all these micro video services like Vine and Instagram Video?
Margaret wants to know what that has to do with her? Bob talks about all the Vine videos Margaret has been doing.

Marcel wants to do another fanboy segment:
• Enders Game movie gets criticized for being directed by a guy that hates gays.
• Big Brother sucks this year.
• Steven Kings Under The Dome is horribly written but he can’t stop watching.

Even more Norm Feedback:

Are desktops and laptops dead? Norm saw a cool touch screen device without a keyboard that has a desktop stand that it sits in. He says that is the way to go.
Andrew agrees. His Lenovo Yoga kicks butt. Margaret says for people like her who work on her computer she doesn’t see it working. Bonnie likes the new devices but needs a full computer with a keyboard. Lu said she wants a Laser Keyboard.
Bevan said it depends on what you use it for. Artists can get by with an iPad. Writers would need the keyboard.
Ken said he is using the Google keyboard and he just talks and it translates everything beautifully.

Gaming with James:

Norm calls in for Gaming with James and says that the app store is only 5 years old and has done 10 Billion in profit which is amazing considering 99 cents per game.

Andrew asks if the XBox One will drive down XBox 360 games?

James recommends Call Of Duty Black Ops.



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About The Bunker Project

The underground Bunker Project is a meetup focused on Social Media, Internet Marketing, New Media, and Podcasting. Set in the Bunker at the Barklay Hotel on Robson St. in Vancouver, The Bunker Project will appeal to those looking for cutting edge social marketing and new media information and to those who just want to socialize over a beer and exchange thoughts and ideas about social media.

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Your Hosts,

Andrew McGivern & Bob Garlick

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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