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Vancouver is Bullshit???

The Bunker Project is recorded with a live interactive studio audience. Join us for a show in person in downtown Vancouver or via Google + Hangout. Or watch live on Hangouts On Air.
The Bunker Project is brought to you by Okanagan Spring Brewmaster Black.

Bunker Project Episode 142

Bunker Mavens in attendance:

Bonnie Sainsbury @bsainsbury

Margaret Reynolds @bc_insurancegal

Andrew McGivern @podcasthero

Bob Garlick @bobgarlick

Randall Orser @numbercrunchers

Kurtis Lockhart @kurtislockhart

MarilynAnderson @mande2

Marcel Lapointe @ unknown

Sanj Sukerkar @genesysdesigns

Ken McGrath @kenamcg

James Karg @twisted_majic

Listen to the episode and read the full show notes to get all the details.


Show 142

We start the show off talking about our sponsor, Brewmaster Black. Marcel said once you go black you never go back. Marcel asks if everyone agrees… Marcel has gone back and will not go back (when it comes to beer). Margaret has gone black and been back. She is using the blonde exception clause. OK Spring 1516 is made using the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 which means the beer is made with only four ingredients and no preservatives…
Andrew brings up the podcast patent and the possibility of getting patent and trademark lawyer, Andrew Mincov to join us for a show again to discuss it.

Round Table Intros:

Round Table Intro Question: Name, Twitter Handle and which social media platform or app are you burnt out on and why?

• Marilyn isn’t into Pinterest anymore. Margaret said Pinterest is for great recipes and food porn.
• Sanj is having difficulty getting engagement on his Facebook business page.
• Kurtis is burnt out on Linked In with all the spam going on.
• Marcel doesn’t have a good answer but doesn’t want to be thrown under the bus.
• Randall only uses the big three. Linked in Twitter and Pinterest… oops. He meant Facebook. He is burnt out on Facebook cat pictures.
• Bonnie is burnt out on Social Media Kumbaya. She was bored of Pinterest after two days. We talk about if people are really making money on Pinterest.
• Margaret is also burnt out on Pinterest because she finds it the least useful.
• Bonnie said that Social Media for SEO is bullshit. Sanj and Bosco say that social click throughs can be bad for SEO because it can seriously increase the bounce rate.
• James isn’t burnt out on any social platform because he can effectively manage his time. Although he doesn’t like the new Google Plus layout… Ken like the layout but doesn’t like what they did with hangouts.
• Bosco is burnt out on Foursquare because he was stalked by people who saw him speak at events.
• Andrew was excited about the New Myspace before it came out. But he was burnt out after a few minutes. Margaret said it is because it is lonely there. Andrew says that the New Myspace should invite all the podcasters to host their media files for free (or use the fremium model) and everyone would have been talking about the New Myspace on their podcast shows. It would have been free advertising for the site and could generate a ton of buzz and make it place worth hanging out in.
• Bob is burnt out on a lot of things but mostly he is burnt out on Vancouver. Oh oh.

Is Vancouver bullshit?

• Bob said that Vancouver is full of a bunch of posturing wannabees and nobody does real business here.
• Andrew asks in the digital age does it matter where you are physically located? Can’t you do business from anywhere to anywhere in the world? Bob said that is true but Vancouver has such a bad international reputation for being a bunch of idiots that you can’t get the big deals.
• In Asia, Bob was used to $75000 projects for a small project but in Vancouver that would be a huge project and there aren’t many of them. Bob said that in other cities in Canada and the USA there is a viable economy but then he’d have to put up with crappy weather. So he would rather go back to Asia.
• Bob’s wife is in Japan visiting family and she can make way more money there for the same work in Vancouver.
• Bob said that Vancouverites think Vancouver is a world class city but in reality, it is a little tiny hamlet.
• Bob’s rant is just beginning… Vancouver sucks and until we all realize it we can’t stand up and bring Vancouver up.
• Bob said that the riots in Vancouver were caused by a classic response caused by economic frustration. Everyone says… Nooooo, the rioters were idiots and have no excuse for their actions other than that they were idiots.
• Bob explains why people need to leave the country for 3 years plus a day or they will get hammered with 40 % tax.

Marcel brings the show back to Social Media is Bullshit.

• Bob interviewed BJ Mendleson about his book on the Business Book Talk podcast and said he is a great guy with a west coast vibe. Andrew agrees and talks about some of the aspects of the book.
• BJ Mendleson points out in his book that a lot of the success of the big Social Media names/brands owe at least some of their success to their use of traditional media in conjunction with social media.
• Bosco brings up the fact that people screw things up.
• Marcel wants to know what the best uplifting topic is we can talk about… Andrew says he wants to write a book called “The Bunker Project is Bullshit”.
• Bosco brings up 3D Printing and the printing of human organs. Marcel said no more visits to the sex shops… the future is now.
• Bonnie came up with a great future Round Table Intro question… “If you had a 3D Printer what would you print?”
• We end the show talking about Wooly Mammoth blood and the Big Mac of the future is a wooly mammoth burger.

Feedback from Norm.

Norm called in to ask our opinion about the USA asking Twitter not to temporarily for routine maintenance during a revolution in the Middle East because it was allowing people to communicate. Marcel said that proves Social Media is NOT bullshit!

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About The Bunker Project
The underground Bunker Project is a meetup focused on Social Media, Internet Marketing, New Media, and Podcasting. Set in the Bunker at the Barklay Hotel on Robson St. in Vancouver, The Bunker Project will appeal to those looking for cutting edge social marketing and new media information and to those who just want to socialize over a beer and exchange thoughts and ideas about social media.
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Hope to see you soon at The Bunker!
Your Hosts,
Andrew McGivern & Bob Garlick

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Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, blogger and mobile tech guy. Father of three awesome little ones. Interested in Social Media Marketing, New Media and Podcasting, Technology, Natural Health and Green Energy.

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