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Art of Podcasting

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Marketing Strategies and Digital Training For Podcasters

The Art of Podcasting

Fasten your seat belt! This show will teach you how to dominate Cyberculture using podcasting and new media. We offer expert commentary, cutting edge product reviews, and time-saving advice that will fast track your show to primetime! Discover how to market online and promote your business or brand using digital media. Step up and subscribe today!


Hosted by the Might Quin, this show was a great source of podcast information and marketing strategies with many of the episodes still relevant today.

The Mighty Quin appeared in two Bunker Project episodes and was responsible for getting me to pull the trigger on buying the Heil PR40.


079 | The Bunker Project – Joomla vs The World

080 | The Bunker Project – Podcasting with The Mighty Quin


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