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Podcasting Essentials

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Podcasting Essentials

Audiences are increasingly tuning in to podcasts. Is it any wonder? Podcasts are becoming easier to access, the quality is better than ever, and more podcasts are available on a range of topics and interests. The number of consumers who regularly listen to on-demand ‘talk’ audio is in the millions in Australia and steadily growing.

Research continues to show that podcasting provides a deeper level of engagement than many other forms of media – podcast audiences are actively listening to their favourite podcasts. What does this mean for brands, advertisers, media companies, and entrepreneurs looking to connect with new audiences? That’s what this podcast series aims to explore. Every fortnight, we talk with experts in the industry, bring you case studies and analyze the trends around the world in this newest and most engaging on-demand medium. Podcasting Essentials is produced by BE Media Production, specialists in audio production for Australia’s leading brands for more than 30 years, and producers of the world’s longest-running monthly business audio magazine, Business Essentials.

Learn how to engage more intimately with your audience through the power of audio content and podcasts. Learn how companies are reaching new markets in the most exciting and growing form of communication.

Listen to Podcasting Essentials, our own podcast for brands looking to enhance their messages through podcasting.


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